Stella Scott – director

We at Blueberry are privileged to meet great talent who inspire us on a weekly basis.

Award winning filmmaker Stella Scott recently joined our books and is fast becoming a client favourite.

Born and bred in East London, Stella directs, shoots and edits commercial and editorial content for clients such as; Film London,  National Theatre, Tate, Fremantle Media and Vice. Stella’s aesthetics are decidedly modern and fearless. She gives promotional, corporate and fashion films a documentary-like quality that hooks the viewer.

Stella’s openness and resourcefulness help her thrive in situations where she has to think on her feet and achieve cutting edge content. She is also a gifted photographer, with a keen eye for framing and a predilection for ethereal elegance.

Stella’s long game is to direct fiction, and at the moment, she runs the Big Picture fiction film challenge in conjunction with IdeasTap.

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