Highlights Of the Week



We love supporting our talent’s side projects. Editor James Page has cut action thriller Off Pistewhich is now out on DVD. Years after taking an innocent’s life and retiring from the SAS, Stanley Winters, now a social recluse, has taken to the full-time caring of his blind mother in the mountainous region of Chatel France. In the peaceful quiet he leads a life of solitude in the attempt to escape his traumatic past, until he is hunted down by those whose lives he destroyed. Check out the trailer!

 – LOVE – 

The editors sculpted something great there. I can’t believe they managed to make something that great in such a small space of time and under so much pressure. Well done to all of them!” – Jenny Smith, Production Manager, ITN Productions


Congrats to Blueberry editor Rohan Thomas on being part of the editorial team that cut Channel 4’s The World According to President Trump for ITN Productions which is now available online on All 4. What will a President Trump really do? In this special film, Matt Frei speaks to those who know and attempts to get to the bottom of Trump’s policies and future agenda as President of the United States.


The subject of this week’s Spotlight article is Creative Director/Director/Editor/Motion Graphic Designer Henrik Sikstrom


One of our most experienced freelancers, Henrik is a versatile, humble and extremely talented polymath who works on a wide range of programmes, from drama and documentaries to music videos and commercials. He prides himself for having experienced celluloid and analogue workflows.


This week we attended the Hammersmith and Fulham Brilliant Business Awards which put the borough’s finest and most outstanding businesses, entrepreneurs and community-minded enterprises into the spotlight


It was our first time participating and we were nominated in the Best Customer Service category.

We didn’t win but the whole experience surely was a lot of fun with drinks, great food and entertainment and we definitely look forward to participating again next year!