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‘9 Months Later’

9 Months Later

IWD 2016 – Gabriel Edvy – editor

Creatively technical and bursting with professional experience, Gabriel ensures a smooth working process with the best possible results. Her experience ranges from documentary and drama to promos and commercials plus she thrives on working to tight deadlines and fast turnarounds. A brilliant storyteller with a keen ear for music, Gabriel is a strong and adaptable team player who takes responsibility in her stride. When Gabriel walks into a room, she lights it up with her unique style and confident demeanour.

Gabriel’s road to success – ups and downs

I’ve been working in the field for a little over 16 years, so I’ve had all manner ups, downs and in-betweens. Making it as an independent contractor is often difficult, as we all experience, but making it as a woman has had its own frustrations. It used to be a lot harder to be taken seriously, but it seems that attitudes have changed as there are more and more women working in technical roles in this seemingly male dominated industry. It’s instilled in me the drive to work harder, do better, push my creativity more, and that has served me well.

Achievements you’re most proud of

I think the biggest achievement, beyond individual projects, is that I’ve been able to maintain a career spanning so many different outlets for so long. To be able to progress and grow as a director/editor and still be in love with what I do is a blessing.

Projects you’re most proud of 

There have been many projects I’ve been involved with over the course of my career that have brought me both immense joy and pride. I think the ones that have provided both, as an editor, are the ones where I’ve been able to practice my craft fully, with the support, faith and trust of the director, ones where I’ve been given the creative freedom to inject my own skills, new ideas and personality in the cut. When one works in TV these joys can be far and few between, but they are there! The ones that have brought me the most joy as a director are those where I can explore my creativity fully while maintaining a good collaboration with my subjects/clients. It’s all about having that trust to let each other bring out the best in the project.

What have been your biggest lessons in life and work

Never take anyone or anything for granted, always be thankful for what you’ve got, keep your eyes and your ears open at all times, and never ever give up!

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