‘When Ant and Dec Met the Prince: 40 Years of the Prince’s Trust’







‘Battle of Britain The Day The War Was Won’







‘Italy Unpacked A Home Away From Italy’







‘What Artists Do All Day – Polly Morgan’







‘Snow Patrol at Ward Park’

snow patrol

IWD 2016 – Ruth Horner – editor

Ruth is a creative, beautiful and passionate soul. She has an array of experience working on projects for clients including ITV, BBC and Channel 4 in the form of documentary and documentary-drama. Ruth is extremely hard working, her goal is to always produce a polished and engrossing film for her clients. With a strong eye for detail and excellent story telling ability, Ruth will always go the extra mile to get the work delivered on schedule. Ruth is especially strong with sensitive and hard-hitting material, engaging the audience through her nurturing and stylistic approach.

Ruth’s road to success – ups and downs

It’s been a rollercoaster ride and I’m not ready to get off yet. I started in News which was a daily adrenaline rush. It’s exciting to work on the big stories as they happen. Then I moved to Panorama and Current Affairs where my ethos was to make these serious programs an enjoyable watch. It’s about reaching people’s emotions as much as their minds. I have moved onto a broader stage now and enjoy a wealth of choices and opportunities, from travel programmes to the royals and celebs, from history to drama-docs. The only question is – where to go next? There have been no downsides, only lessons learnt. For me it’s about the audience, bringing them something that makes them laugh or makes them cry but more importantly touches their heart.

Achievements you’re most proud of

I’m proud to have worked my way through Goldsmiths Art College (I didn’t receive a grant) and even had a piece of work shown in the Midlands Art Centre. I count my films as some of my biggest achievements. I’m still a bit stunned to have reached where I have. I come from a working class background and could never have imagined as a child achieving what I have. I’ve just finished my first novel which has taken me a couple of years and a lot of hard graft. I’m about to send it off – wish me luck.

Projects you’re most proud 

When Ant and Dec Meet The Prince: 40 years of The Prince’s Trust

The great thing about this film is that we were making a new and exciting type of royal film. Ant and Dec are irreverent and charming, allowing us to get closer to man underneath the title. Prince Charles revealed himself to be funny, shy and compassionate. It was a film full of very different elements, the kids the charity helps, royal interviews and comedy with Ant and Dec. The challenge was to make it a unified and enjoyable watch – we pulled it off.

Battle of Britain: The Day The War Was Won

The delightful thing about this was film was working with possibly the last interviews from the heroes of The Battle of Britain. We were humbled by them and their experiences. We decide to do something very different, to turn the interviews and archive into a dramatic telling of the worst day, 15th Sept 1940, from the morning they woke up until the realisation of victory. It is a bittersweet tale of survival against the odds and the loss of dear friends. We kept the facts to a minimum. This was a story of the emotional impact of facing the enemy at the tender age of 19.

Italy Unpacked – A Home Away From Rome

I had a great three summers making this delightful series. It was designed to turn the art and cooking film on its head. We created a travelogue of two close friends who turn out to be a renowned art historian and chef. Many films since have been made in the same vein but this was the definitive article.

What Do Artists Do All Day – Polly Morgan (1 of 2) (2 of 2)

This is a delightful film in which Polly Morgan takes us into her strange and wonderful world of modern day taxidermy in her own words. I made the film gentle, quirky and at times dark, reflecting the artist and her work.

Snow Patrol at Ward Park

These are clips from the one hour BBC film. The vision mixer didn’t turn up on the day so an inexperienced one had to sit in. The result was that my job change from a tidy of the film to a full on two day re-edit from the main cam and OS lines. The aim was to make the film as live, seamless and exciting, as though you are there. Every time I watch it, I am.

Snow Patrol Ward Park Intro & Open Your Eyes

Snow Patrol – The Planets Bend Between Us

Snow Patrol – Just Say Yes

Biggest lessons in life and work

We are very lucky to have a creative job and should appreciate it rather than grumble. Life is very short so make the best of it and enjoy it. A smile is free and politeness costs nothing.

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