‘Finding Sol’

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‘Street Angel’

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IWD 2016 – Stella Scott – Director, Editor

Award-winning Stella directs, edits and self-shoots. Her most recent short ‘Street Angel’ was commissioned by Dazed Digital and became a Vimeo ‘Staff Pick’. Stella gives promotional, corporate and fashion films a documentary-like quality that keeps the audience hooked. Stella’s resourcefulness helps her thrive in situations where she has to think on her feet and achieve cutting edge content. She is also a gifted photographer, with a keen eye for framing and affinity for ethereal elegance.

My Road to Success, the Ups and Downs

I’ve really enjoyed working with old and new friends on projects at home and in parts of the world I never imagined visiting.  Challenges have been carrying a project through the ups and downs over long periods of time.  For me success is being alright with the way you deal with situations, whether you’re at rock bottom, top of your game, one step ahead or two steps back.

My Greatest Professional Achievements So Far

I’m proud of making my first short fiction film Finding Sol, of taking as much as I could from the experience of it. I’ve always worked hard, taught myself and learnt on the job and I’m proud of that; wanting to stay the extra unpaid hour so I could get a grip of what is often an intangible thing- putting stories on screen. It feels good to get better at what I do and collaborating with people, knowing my approach is based on experiences I have had in all kinds of roles in different kinds of jobs.

Street Angel was a breakthrough film for me; I had been working between documentary and fiction film (theatre and art film too) for a long time. With this film, I felt I’d found a space between that I could call my own. I am now working on a docudrama series called Reverie which looks at the dreams versus the reality of under-served young people. Having been a youth worker throughout my career, this is a subject that is really important to me. It feels good to have carved out an approach that fits the stories I want to tell.

My Biggest Lesson  

It can be hard but it doesn’t have to be, make it as easy as you can for yourself.

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