Leo Hallal – Colourist

Who is Leo Hallal?

I am a colour grader whose passion goes beyond film and video. I have always been interested in studying the master painters’ approach to light.

How did your career path develop?

I started working in film post-production, but I always thought it was fundamental to go through all stages of filmmaking, so I have worked in many different departments, such as cinematography, editing and production. I believe those previous experiences added depth to how I approach colour grading.

What do you consider your greatest achievement/s so far?

I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to grade wonderful projects for clients like Nike, Nikon, Bosch and Google but also films that eventually were nominated for an Oscar and Emmy awards.

Any projects you are most proud of and why?

I am very proud of my last project, the follow up to the Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, currently titled An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power, by Jon Shenk and Bonni Cohen, which is set to open this year’s Sundance Film Festival on January 19th. We’re living though times for the climate change awareness and every single thing we can to do to make a difference is important. I’ve been grading for these directors/producers for many years and this is something like the fifth documentary we collaborate on. Among others there are “The Island President” and “Audrie and Daisy”, both available on Netflix.

Share your biggest lessons in life and work

I think that team spirit is the most important thing at work, knowing that what you do has to be right in the job context, pushing the producer’s and director’s ideas forward.

Speaking of what I learned in life, it’s probably that we are all very vulnerable and we should make the best out of every moment and seek what we love, as the time we have is very brief and precious.

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