Damian Knight


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Damian is an experienced freelance editor with both technical expertise and creative talent. He has over fifteen years editing experience working with a wide range of clients including the BBC, ITV, Netflix, Sky, History Channel, Discovery, Disney, Nike and ESPN to name but a few.

With a proven track record in promo and trailer making, Damian then moved into Long Form where he has cut documentaries for both UK and US audiences across a wide range of subject matters as well as the opening ceremony film for the Sochi Paralympic Games and the legacy films for London 2012. He has to date, cut three feature films – Love Me Till Monday – which was selected for the 2013 London BFI Film Festival, Captain Webb – which was picked up by Miramax and HBO and most recently Cain Hill which is being released through Evolutionary Films.

Passionate about storytelling, the craft and technology of film editing he is always on the look-out for new and interesting projects.