30 Day Film Challenge at Sundance Festival 2010

On November 20th, 2009 three young film makers set themselves a unique, and grueling, challenge: to make a 90-minute feature film – from initial concept to end of production – in just 30 days. On December 20, 2009, they triumphantly wrapped production on “Closure”, a dark tale of revenge and redemption. Their new mission is to sell the film by the end of the Sundance Film Festival on February 1st.

Marcin Teodoru, Tom Cole, and Aaron Grasso, had no crew, budget, or script; just an intense collective of enthusiasm and talent. They utilised their energy and various social network sites to rally over 70 industry professionals for the production, based on no more than a passion for filmmaking. Now the trio is heading to Park City, UT for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. You can find the intrepid 30 Day crew marching around the Sundance strip, promoting their numerous unofficial screenings that will be held both at and around the festival.

The 30 Day Crew are an inspiration, they scored 95,000 hits to their website within the first four days of its existence, and well over 1,000,000 in the 30 days. Their challenge had struck a chord with a Hollywood reeling from recession, and many executives, including David S. Goyer and Matt Williams, took interest in the project and sent endorsement videos in support of the challenge.

Director Marcin Teodoru, will be taking a seat on the 140 Twitter Conference panel at the festival on January 24th at the TweetHouse. The panel will be discussing integration between independent filmmaking and social media network sites – a key aspect of the 30 Day Feature Film Challenge.

Blueberry are proud to sponsor the 30 Day Feature Film Challenge and wish the guys luck in their new mission.