The Great British Property Scandal, Tiger Aspect

Editor Murat Yusuf recently cut an episode of ‘The great British property Scandal’ for Tiger Aspect.

In this two-part series presenter George Clarke leads a campaign highlighting the number of empty homes across the country. The aim is to ensure a change in the law which would see long-term empty homes being made available to ordinary people and to set up a low interest loan fund to allow landlords to renovate their homes.

Editor: Murat Yusuf
Production Company: Tiger Aspect
Broadcaster: Channel 4


Fairground Attractions, ITN

Editors Tom Perry and Janet McCaig recently worked with ITN on the recent Channel 5 series ‘Fairground attractions’.

This revealing documentary follows the people and traditions behind the bright lights and the candy floss, many of whom have families who have been in the fairground business for generations.

Editors: Tom Perry, Janet McCaig
Production Company: ITN
Broadcaster: Channel 5