Welcome Maureen

We are delighted to welcome Maureen as a Consultant to the Blueberry bookings team!

Maureen worked at the Met Film School in Ealing Studios for 5 years, finding professional work opportunities for graduates. She spent last year on the production team for the London Screenwriters Festival, sourcing speakers.
When not at Blueberry, Maureen is in the kitchen making the most improbable purees for her 10 month old daughter Alexia (who still prefers shop bought pouches)

Welcome to the team Maureen!!!

Charlotte Miles launches editors bootcamp

Editor Charlotte Miles has combined her passion for fitness and well being, with her passion for editing.  The result is a specially designed Editors Bootcamp, to help her fellow creatives beat the occupational hazard of aches and pains that come from sitting at a desk for hours each day.

“It got to the end of the day and as I stood to leave the edit suite, I realised just how sore my body was. My shoulders were tense from being hunched over the keyboard all day; my knees sore from being bent up under the desk and I felt a lethargy, not from being stressed or even tired, but from the lack of activity.”– –

– Charlotte Miles

We applaud this initiative!  Many of our guys are freelance and a back injury can not only seriously impair your quality of life, but also the ability to work, create and earn.  Any initiative that serves to educate and back prevent problems is well worth looking into!


Damian Knight has edited his first feature film

Congratulations to Damian Knight who will soon be celebrating the release of the first feature film he has edited ‘Love me till Monday’.

‘Love me till Monday follows the story of an English girl trying to find love between the office and her home life. The film looks at how a generation of twenty-somethings go in search of love. They don’t ‘date’, or ‘grab a coffee’, or walk romantically along the Seine in perfectly cut trench coats. They don’t hold tight to a handsome man on the back of a Vespa. They dance ironically in circles, drink far too much and snog a friend. They eat cheesy chips or cold quiche at 3am. It is a film that lies somewhere between Downton and TOWIE, between The City and the countryside, between ASBO and PhD. ‘Love me till Monday’ is a story about a 25 year old middle-middle class English girl and everything she wants and deserves. A film for the funny, ugly and slightly magical English.’

Editor: Damian Knight
Release Date: July 11th 2014

Claimed and shamed series 3, BBC1

Billy Rich has completed work with Cineflix Productions, editing on series 3 of ‘Claimed and Shamed’ which is to air on BBC 1 from 9th June. And Billy will also be working on the next series!

The documentary series casts a covert eye over the ever-growing problem of insurance fraud, and sees outlandish claimers as they’re caught out on camera.

Editor: Billy Rich
Production Company: Cineflix Productions
Broadcaster: BBC1

Great British menu, BBC2

Brendan Cahill and Tim Coster have really enjoyed working at Optomen on the 9th series of “Great British Menu” which returns to BBC2 on 6th June.

Marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The chefs create dishes that evoke the wartime spirit of the generation as well as honour the bravery shown throughout the Second World War.

Many D Day veterans took part as judges, bringing their incredible experiences, personal memories and discerning taste buds to the judging chamber.

Editors: Brendan Cahill, Tim Coster
Production Company: Optomen
Broadcaster: BBC2