Dream school: NYC, Sundance TV

Lisa Forrest is editing ‘Dream School: NYC’ at Fresh One, premiering 1st October on Sundance TV

‘Dream School: USA’ returns for a second series, this time based in New York. Featuring a brand new class of students who have either dropped out or been expelled from the conventional school system, they attempt to turn their life around with the help of mentors that are leaders in various fields. Mentors for this year include 50 Cent, Johnny Weir and Dean Winters.

For now, this series is only being shown in the US – hopefully in the future it will be on our shores!

Editor: Lisa Forrest
Production Company: Fresh One
Broadcaster: Sundance TV

Turbo pickers, Discovery Channel

Sue Brooks is editing the Discovery series ‘Turbo Pickers’ with Wag TV

‘Turbo Pickers’ will follow mechanic Dave Southall and businessman Paul Cowland, as they search for rare vehicles on the brink of being scrapped. The duo will visit scrap yards and disused workshops to collect, repair and sell classic cars including a 1986 Porsche 924S and a 1966 Triumph Herald.

Editor: Sue Brooks
Production Company: Wag TV
Broadcaster: Discovery Channel

Skint, Channel 4

How do people survive without work? Editor Anton Short is editing on series 2 of ‘Skint’, with Keo films, airing later this year on Channel 4.

‘Skint tells the provocative and revealing stories of people who are in long-term unemployment, have never worked, or are growing up without any expectation of working.

With work still hard to find, the people featured in this series are thrown back on their own resources.

Told with energy, humour and boldness, the series offers an insight into their lives, highlighting social issues such as youth unemployment, crime, welfare dependency, truancy and addiction; but with the characters also revealing their ingenuity, resilience, community support and love and pride of family.

Skint gets behind the headlines as people who are often maligned for their lifestyle, offer their own story and show the real impact of worklessness.

Editor: Anton Short
Production Company: Keo Films
Broadcaster: Channel 4

Oh you pretty things, BBC 4

Simon Abrahams helped Oxford Scientific Films with editing on’Oh You Pretty Things’, which begins airing on BBC4, on 17th September.

The series begins in the golden years of the 1960s. Mod legends the Small Faces became the best-dressed band in England, Cilla Black and fashion label BIBA were a perfect fit, while the Beatles and the Stones embraced the foppish hair and frilly shirts of psychedelia. Through rude boys and rockers, the relationship between music and fashion blossomed, becoming intimately entwined in the sound and vision of Roxy Music.

But this isn’t just a story of brillant musicians and maverick designers, it’s a story that touches us all because, at some point in our lives, we’ve all delved into the great dressing-up box and joined the pageant that is British music and fashion.

Editor: Simon Abrahams
Production Company: Oxford Scientific Films
Broadcaster: BBC4


Can’t pay? We’ll take it away!, Channel 5

Blueberry editors Brenna Rangott, Arturo Calvete, Alan Harris and Tonye Paul-Worika have all been hard at work editing the new series of ‘Can’t pay? We’ll take it away!’ with Touch Productions.

The series follows some of the most experienced, ‘no nonsense’ bailiffs in the country as they visit mansions, shops, businesses and flats repossessing cash, cars, houses and even pets!

Catch the show on Channel 5 starting Wednesday 17th September at 9pm

Editors: Brenna Rangott, Arturo Calvete, Alan Harris, Tonye Paul-Worika
Production Company: Touch Productions
Broadcaster: Channel 5

Britain’s best gardens, ITV

Simon Abrahams is helping to edit Britain’s Best Gardens over at Spun Gold.

Spun Gold TV make a wealth of gardening programmes, including “Love Your Garden” for ITV and “Alan’s Garden Secrets” for BBC, however this time, to mark the 50th year of Alan Titchmarsh’s horticultural career, they are turning our attention to the best private / domestic gardens of Britain

These gardens will represent what gardening means in the country. Our gardens say as much about us and who we really are, as they do about the blooms, lawns and fragrant borders. The final 30 selected gardens will be revealed in three primetime, hour long shows, to air on ITV in 2015

Editor: Simon Abrahams
Production Company: Spun Gold
Broadcaster: ITV


Gold rush, Discovery Channel

Graham Cox, Polly Boccongelli and Mike Duxbury are editing the 5th series of ‘Gold Rush’ for Raw Television.

Created for the Discovery Channel, this reality TV show follows crews mining the gold placer deposits of Alaska.

Last season, Gold Rush fans watched as Todd Hoffman stuck his neck out and rolled the dice – braving the jungles of Guyana, South America, in a bold attempt to make a fortune along with his father Jack, Dave Turin, Jim Thurber and a few new additions to his crew. But things didn’t go quite as planned. Todd hit rock bottom, lost his land, most of his money, his crew and perhaps worst of all — his dignity.

This season the big questions are: will he be able to turn things around? Or will he end up throwing in the towel for good?

The program is entering its fifth series and Blueberry is proud to have been there for the past four series sourcing the best editors to bring the show to life.

Editors: Graham Cox, Polly Boccongelli, Mike Duxbury
Production Company: Raw Television
Broadcaster: Discovery Channel

New David Attenborough 3D series

Following on from the success of previous 3D series Atlantic Productions are busy creating a fantastic new series presented by Sir David Attenborough.  Lucky editors Sadiki McLeod Bakker and Helen Walker are busy helping bring it together.

In 2013 Yulia Martynova edited a behind the scenes exclusive of the BAFTA winning ‘Natural History Museum Alive’.  Given the growing success of the productions, this next project is bound to be a show stopper. Everyone at Blueberry HQ is excited to see how this turns out, and for Blueberry talent contributing to these excellent programmes.

Editors: Sadiki McLeod Bakker, Helen Walker
Production Company: Atlantic Productions