Tsunami survivor animation, FOX

Neil Emmanuel has been at FOX creating an illustrated animation for a promo based on a survivors tale of experiencing a Tsunami.

The spot will be 60’’ long and will involve illustrations based on the accounts coming to life behind the survivor as she relives her harrowing tale.

Neil is an extremely talented storyboard artist, illustrator and animator. We can’t wait to see how this project turns out!

Illustration, Animation: Neil Emmanuel
Production Company: FOX

Singstar: Ultimate party promo, Sony Playstation

Mat Kennedy edited and provided motion graphics for a ‘Singstar: Ultimate Party’ promo at Nelson Bostock Group for Fever PR.

Fever PR teamed up with boyband favourites Union J to deliver the ultimate surprise to fans at Westfield Stratford City. Unsuspecting shoppers were trying out the brand new game at the pop-up SingStar: Ultimate Party Stage, when Union J casually dropped in to join them. The band delighted the crowd of stunned fans with an impromptu sing-a-long to hit tracks featured on the new disc, including Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe and Olly Murs’ Dear Darlin’.

Check out the video to see their reactions!

Show me what your made of, CBBC

Helen Walker is editing the CBBC programme ‘Show me what your made of’ for Watershed.

Stacey Dooley presents this documentary series, which follows five British kids as they travel to the other side of the world to work in factories making their much-loved gadgets, toys and clothes.

Editor: Helen Walker
Production Company: Watershed
Broadcaster: CBBC

Benefits Britain: Life on the dole, Channel 5

Mike Morley is editing for Channel 5 on their documentary series ‘Benefits Britain: Life on the dole’.

More Brits are living off benefits today than at any other time since the establishment of the welfare state. Many claimants have spent longer on benefits than in work. Some have never known what it is to have a job and others have found that work simply does not pay. This new six-part documentary series lifts the lid on the reality of life on benefits in Britain.

Editor: Mike Morley
Production Company: Channel 5
Broadcaster: Channel 5

Web of lies, Discovery ID

Stephen Prince is currently editing at Blast Films on series 2 of ‘Web of Lies’ for Discovery ID.

In the online world, you never really know who you’re talking to. This series reveals stories of deception and homicide triggered by online interactions. From the black widow wives hiding behind alter-egos to jilted lovers stalking their exes, from obsessive lovers enacting their disturbing fantasies to shocking tales of kidnap, violence and deception – each episode follows stories with jaw-dropping twists and turns as the web of lies is revealed.

Editor: Stephen Prince
Production Company: Blast Films
Broadcaster: Discovery ID


Claimed and shamed series 4, BBC1

Series 4 of ‘Claimed and Shamed’ will be airing weekdays at 11am starting on 24th November on BBC1. The wonderful Billy Rich edited on this series for Curve Media.

This documentary series casts a covert eye over the ever-growing problem of insurance fraud, and shows outlandish claimers as they’re caught out on camera.

Editor: Billy Rich
Production Company: Curve Media
Broadcaster: BBC1

In conversation with…Colourist, Leo Hallal

Leo is a colourist with experience in theatrically released documentaries, but also drama, corporates and fashion films. Leo recently relocated from California to London, and his recent credits include Boundless’ daytime TV programme Escape To The Country.

You recently invested in some specialised kit, what did you buy?

I bought the new Mac Pro, a Tangent Element colour panel, a portable grade 1 monitor and 65K lights. The idea behind it is to offer the perfect Davinci Resolve grading suite at the clients convenience and, at the same time, cut post house costs. For the same money, what you get is more grading time and therefore, improved quality.

As a colourist, from what stage in the production / post-production process do you like be involved in a project?

As early as possible. When I lived in the United States, I was involved in decisions as which camera to use in some projects. Even if the films or TV programs were already shot, it is always beneficial to be involved before post production start, because the workflow could vary from show to show.

In what ways do you think your workflow benefits the end product and therefore the client?

The best benefit for clients is a great looking show. In short form, affording 3 days of grading, instead of 2 is a game changer. In long format shows, like TV series, planning everything carefully makes a difference. What producers often don’t realise is that if you have someone bringing their own Resolve system, it’s a double benefit. You free your AVIDs for editing and finishing while getting better looking pictures from Resolve graders. I understand that here TV shows are often graded on AVID Symphony, which is a limited grading tool.

So you’d rather use Resolve, instead of Avid?

I don’t mind working on AVID if I have to, but I’d say definitely Resolve for better results. I’m also aware that sometimes the online editors with little grading training are responsible for the grades. As talented as they might be, in my opinion grading is an art and craft that demands extensive training and practice. Just like musicians train their ears, we must train our eyes. We all know the difference between weekend amateur musicians and the dedicated artists we admire.

You work a lot in the States, what can we learn from their approach to Post Production?

In America things tend to be planned more in advance. Usually they book me 2 or 3 months before. They also allow more time for grading projects. I’m used to work under tight deadlines and always deliver, but having the extra time really helps fine tuning the colour. As you can see, I’m a bit obsessed with beautiful pictures.

To book Leo, please contact: [email protected]