Munchies presents: Outsiders, Vice TV

Aldo Paternostro has been editing at Vice TV on this film by acclaimed documentary director Mark Isaacs.

Ben Ferguson and director Marc Isaacs travel to the Lincolnshire town of Boston to reveal a local story about communal fears about change and immigration. Set in a single location—the inside of a burger truck—this story unfolds as passersby answer Marc’s questions while they slurp tea and eat bacon sandwiches. The result is an illuminating blend of anxiety and insecurity as attitudes towards outsiders begin to shine a light on why England is going through such politically turbulent times.

You can check it out on the Vice website here

Editor: Aldo Paternostro
Production Company: Vice TV


The Super Rich and Us, BBC2

John Moratiel is at Fresh One editing this two part 60min factual programme for BBC2.

Never before has money been so polarised in Britain. The richest 85 people now own more than half the UK population. The rise of the Super Rich has meant that wealth in the UK is dividing our society at an extraordinary rate – but how and why did it happen? In this two-part series, Jacques Peretti explores how the Super Rich are transforming the very fabric of British society. Why have the Super Rich flocked to Britain, and why does it matter to us? Peretti examines how the wealth of the top one percent of society does not exist in a bubble, but directly affects all of our lives.

Editor: John Moratiel
Production Company: Fresh One
Broadcaster: BBC2

Blueberry christmas party 2014

We celebrated christmas with style this year by creating a fabulously festive mad hatter cocktail party! Full of fun, food and a mad hat competition with prizes given throughout the night.

Congratulations to editor Sarah Gray who won our grand prize by using our hat shop station to create a bedazzled flapper inspired headdress!

Everyone here at BB HQ had a great time catching up with the Blueberry family, be sure to share with us your experience and photos of the night, and you can check out our official gallery here.