The secrets of the tea chimps, Channel 5

Kimaathi Spence has been editing this fascinating look at what happened to the PG Tips chimps once the cameras stopped rolling over at Angel Eye Media.

For 50 years the British public had an extraordinary love affair with a cartload of tea-drinking chimpanzees. While many of is of a certain age remember their talented performances in the popular PG Tips adverts, few people know the story behind their on-screen antics.
This charming documentary tells the story of how the chimps came to be on our screens, and the problems they faced once the limelight faded.

Editor: Kimaathi Spence
Production Company: Angel Eye Media
Broadcaster: Channel 5

Richard Wilson: On the road, ITV1

Paul Griffiths Davies and Simon Abrahams helped to edit this ITV1 series for Curve Media, which follows British actor Richard Wilson as he drives around the UK following old Shell guides.

In this travelogue, veteran British actor Richard Wilson undertakes a nostalgic journey across Britain’s counties. Following the recommendations of ‘The Shell Guides’, a series of quirky travel books published between 1934 and 1984. Richard, who hates driving, will take to the roads in a range of classic cars, and build a true picture of how Britain has changed over the past eighty years.

Editors: Paul Griffiths Davies, Simon Abrahams
Production Company: Curve Media
Broadcaster: ITV1

Bangkok airport, BBC

Keo Films have enlisted the skills of Blueberry editor Denis McWilliams on their new 6 x 60 minute BBC3 documentary series ‘Bangkok Airport’.

The show delves behind the scenes of the South East Asian travel hub that is Bangkok Airport.  Following passengers as they check in and out of the airport, as well as the dedicated staff team and the issues and bizarre scenarios they encounter daily.

Editor: Denis McWilliams
Production Company: Keo Films
Broadcaster: BBC