Simon Abrahams / Editor / ‘Humble Pie’ (Watch)

Blueberry Simon Abrahams edited on this new cooking competition series, airing on Fridays at 8pm on Watch.

Hosted by Melanie Sykes and judged by Marco Pierre White, ‘Humble Pie’ will “test enthusiastic amateurs’ culinary skills and self-belief.”  In each episode four competitors are given three cooking challenges in the Humble Pie kitchen.

After each round, the cooks must “ruthlessly critique each others dishes” and judge them from best to worst — Pierre White makes the final decision. Before the decision is announced, competitors are given the chance to “cash out,” or leave with a small amount of money if they think their dish is going to be rated the worst. Or, they can stay in the game but “risk going home empty-handed.”

Editor: Simon Abrahams

Production Company: Fizz (RDF)

Broadcaster: Watch

Robin Schmidt / Director / ‘The Indestructibles’ (Dave)

Robin Schmidt has directed a new TV series ‘The Indestructibles’ featuring madcap comedy stunts and action sports for Dave. Athletes turned broadcasters Tim Warwood and Adam Gendle are dropped into random UK locations, where they must build and test epic stunts! It starts airing from 9th Nov at 8pm.

On another note – ‘After Death’which Robin co-directed last year, is now showing at various festivals, including Austin Film Festival on Halloween!  It’s now available to buy / rent on iTunes, Sky Store and more!

Oren Yaniv / Editor / ‘The Money Pit’ (Dave)

Oren Yaniv has been editing on a new entertainment programme at Liberty Bell for UKTV’s Dave channel.

‘The Money Pit’ hosted by comedian Jason Manford “taps into the popular trend of crowd-funding” and sees forty total strangers risk their own money – up to £20,000 – in a quest to invest in the bright ideas and small businesses of hopeful entrepreneurs. In return for their investment, they’ll either get a share of the company or a special reward. Investors can change their minds right up to the end of each episode, when there will be frantic, last minute movements of money as the crowd flocks to one entrepreneur and abandons another.

Presenter Jason says “I’m inviting all those people with some spare cash…to join me in The Money Pit…it’s their chance to invest in real life entrepreneurs who could make them serious money”.


Editor – Oren Yaniv

Production Company – Liberty Bell

Broadcaster – UKTV’s Dave channel

Nick Webb / Editor / Steve Coogan’s ’50th Birthday VT’

After working on many Baby Cow projects including, the award-winning ‘Alan Partridge: Welcome To The Places Of My Life‘, Nick was asked by Steve Coogan to create a VT for his 50th birthday party, “kind of like if I’d just died and my life was flashing before my eyes” – and even got to attend the celebrations!

Cutting the VT was incredibly high-maintenance, trawling Steve’s entire TV and film career, sifting through hundreds of family photographs, super-8 footage, radio shows, animations, court-hearings and news-reels. Then making sense of it all, creating a narrative and cutting a lifetime down to 7 minutes.

As a huge fan of Steve’s, Nick said it was a huge relief that he loved the result. The VT was also lovingly received at Steve’s party which was attended by the likes of Terry Jones, Stewart Lee, David Walliums and Hugh Grant to name but a few.  “I felt deeply privileged not only to be asked to edit the film but also to be invited to such a grand occasion. Here’s to another 50 very funny years”.

Check out the VT here

Bea Grimbly – editor

This week in the spotlight is a longtime Blueberry favourite, editor, Bea Grimbly.

Beatrix has been editing since digital was something only found on watches. Freelancing for over a decade, Bea enjoys working across a multitude of formats and styles. With experience in broadcast news she quickly finds the heart of a story, while her background in music TV informs a keen sense of rhythm and pace. Bea is a strong and flexible storyteller, turning her hand to emotive documentaries, energetic promos and informative corporate films. She particularly enjoys weaving a compelling story from the narrative threads of diverse voices.

Her career as an editor has included a wide variety of projects, from sizzle reels to corporate promos, branding films, charity appeals, in-depth documentary, broadcast news and innovative music shows.

As an editor Beatrix is a proficient with Final Cut and Premiere and a deep knowledge of editing and design software. She is highly adaptable, always rising to the challenge of tight deadlines. Bea enjoys working with a wide variety of clients, who sometimes forget she is freelance and not in-house.

View her full portfolio

Denis McWilliams – Editor – ‘KKK: The Fight For White Supremacy’ (BBC 3)

Denis McWilliams edited ‘KKK: The Fight For White Supremacy’ which has been BBC3’s highest rating documentary of 2015. With 907,000 viewers, the doc shocked an audience twice the size of the channel’s slot average for the past 12 months. The documentary has surpassed the 838,000 that watched ‘Bangkok Airport’ in January, which Denis also worked on.

Film-maker Dan Murdoch travelled to the deep south of America to North Carolina where he met the leaders of the Loyal White Knights, who claim to be the largest Klan chapter, to witness first-hand their secretive rituals and hear about why their members choose to wear the infamous hood. America’s most infamous supremacist group – the Ku Klux Klan – says they are in the midst of a revival, with a surge in membership and cross burnings across the Deep South.

The film follows events as protests erupt and Black Power groups, including the New Black Panthers, take to the streets to preach their own agenda of black supremacy. And when the Ku Klux Klan and the New Black Panthers organise rival protests in the South Carolina capital, the two extreme visions of America violently come face to face. A shockingly insightful look into the white supremacist group.

Editor: Denis McWilliams

Production Company: BBC

Broadcaster: BBC3

Guillaume Julien – 3D Generalist / TD

This week in the spotlight, is designer, Guillaume Julien.

Guillaume started his career as a computer graphics artist in the game industry in France, where he worked as an environments, vehicle and props artist.

Since moving to the UK in 2006, he has worked across VFX for feature films, Animation, TV commercials and medical animations. He is also a talented 3D generalist, and has worked on an array of television commercials.

Guillaume was involved in the creation of photorealistic assets and environments on feature films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Sweeney Todd, Warhorse and The Jungle Book, to name just a few.

Guillaume brings a wealth of experience and knowledge 3D production pipelines to every project he undertakes.

View his full portfolio 

Adam Garstone – editor

In the spotlight is our brand new long form sign up, editor, Adam Garstone.

Adam is a film editor with over 25 years of experience in post-production. He has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Australia and the UK on a variety of projects from feature films to prime-time TV. His most recent credits include flagship BBC arts and science factual, as well as programming for PBS in the USA and other major UK broadcasters.

He combines a solid grounding in the technology, techniques and craft of film editing, with strong story-telling skills. Adam is enthusiastic, positive and diligent. He has a great eye for detail and pacing, he enjoys working closely with directors and producers, as well as working alone when he gets the opportunity.

Adam’s cv