Highlights Of The Week


Blueberry Editor Ruth Horner worked in the post production team of Spun Gold Television’s Prince Philip: 70 Years of Service which looks back on the life of the soon to be retired, longest-serving consort in British history. Catch up on the ITV Hub.


For our weekly Spotlight on Blueberry Talent we interviewed Matt Falck, who has been working as a freelance Editor since 2007.

He specialises in mood films, sizzles and trailers as he loves selling a concept to the audience. Read his story!


This year’s edition of The Grierson Trust’s DocLab took place last week in Birmingham. It was an honour to return to this event after Blueberry’s first experience last year.

Irantzu presented to trainees a session on CVs and skills to find work. She was really impressed with this talented group of emerging documentary filmmakers and looks forward to reuniting again at Sheffield Doc/Fest and for the summer workshops with everyone.


More birthdays in our team this month of May. Last week we celebrated Dita, our brilliant head of accounts. And to top it all off, we also had the pleasure of having Cici and Kirsty, two of our team members currently on maternity leave, come visit us for lunch and bring their babies along. What a treat it was to witness Cici’s Maya and Kirsty’s Logan meet and hang out for the first time. We look forward to more Blueberry babies play-dates!

Highlights Of The Week


This week we’ve celebrated yet another birthday in the Blueberry team. It was our lovely Bav‘s turn to blow the candles and it was a milestone… Happy Birthday!


For this week’s Spotlight on Blueberry talent we are excited to welcome new sign up Sharon Hedges. She has been working for over 20 years as a live editor on programmes like ITV’s This Morning and she is now transitioning into a new exciting chapter of her career, pursuing freelance editing both in long form and short form. Read all about her!


Submit your documentaries to the 2017 Grierson Trust Awards by May 31st. Eligible projects must have been screened between May 1st 2016 and May 31st 2017. The length for this year’s new Shorts category has been extended to 25 mins or less. The Awards Ceremony will take place on November 6th.

Matt Falck – Editor

Who is Matt Falck?

Short, fluffy and a bundle of energy. I like the edit room to come alive with positivity as I believe that’s the only kind of environment that allows you to create the best work. I specialise in mood films, sizzles and trailers. I love selling a concept to the audience.

How did your career develop?

It happened by accident… Whilst at film school I wanted to go more into conceptual work and into directing but a friend told me that in order to direct you must understand how to cut. It was then that I fell in love with editing and I’ve been doing it ever since, working freelance.

What do you consider your greatest achievement/s so far?

I love my trailers, mood films and sizzles. It’s hard to showcase them as usually they are confidential but it is rewarding to know that my clients are happy to have a product they can use to sell their ideas. I love being involved in the early stages of production where the concepts are fun and fresh. I am proud of all the films and ads that I have made sizzles for once they come to reality.

My favourite ad sizzles have been with Cadbury, Aman hotels, Royal Salute Whiskey, Home Away, Aussie Shampoo and GSK. The funnest job I’ve ever done has to be Park Village’s showreel for their table top directors. They wanted something fun and punchy but gave me absolute freedom, even down to the music. Overall I am most proud of the films I’ve helped make as a producer/director.

I think having been in the roles for so long has helped me understand what my clients are after and how it must be delivered. I’ve pitched for my own work all my life, so I understand the importance of new business and the competition it brings. I know what my clients need of me. One thing I’ve learned is that nothing is a problem and that there is always a solution.

Any projects you are most proud of and why?

I’m proud of most of my work but I guess the projects I’m most happy with would be the mood films for features that actually got made. I’ve been lucky to sit in a cinema a couple of times and see the final product. My favourites were All things to all men by Kidulthood producer George Isaac and I recently worked with director James Marquand on his latest feature Mad Frank.

Seeing shots and scenes you’ve cut a year back re-interpreted on the big screen is a strange and wonderful feeling. Knowing that my sizzles played a part in raising the finance for these projects or winning a pitch for an ad I see on TV fills me with joy. It’s often an unsung role but I rather like that, every now and then I will re-watch the sizzle and then play the real trailer to compare how close I got it.

Share your biggest lessons in life and work

Always communicate. Editing isn’t a slapdash process of monkey-see/monkey-do. It’s the most critical stage of filmmaking where the story is told, usually the last line of attack for a production, so it’s important to be open to everything.

If a client is stressed or needs a creative brainstorm, the job goes beyond what it says on paper. I have never heard an editor say “that’s not my job” – at the end of the day editing is crisis management: here is an equation, solve it! Also a ninja tuna sandwich goes a long way!

View Matt’s full portfolio.

Sharon Hedges – Editor

Who is Sharon Hedges?

I am an experienced broadcast editor with over 20 years experience working in the industry, mainly on live shows. I thrive on up-to-the-wire edits, yet I can easily edit less pressured VTs, crafting the footage to the best it can be. The quote ‘’yes that’s fine’’ isn’t really my thing – it has to be really good or perfect. I am now thrilled to seek out new professional challenges in my career, taking my live TV experience into short form and long form editing.

How did your career path develop?

At the age of 18 I was training to be a concert pianist but my nerves got the better of me. So, when I had the lucky chance to attend the taping of a TV programme in London, I saw how much fun the crew were having and thought ‘’this is what I want to do”. After finishing my BA Hons in Radio, Film, Television and Music, I was offered to work at Sky TV, where I started my editing career. I was then headhunted to work for London Tonight, which was followed by ITV’s This Morning.

What do you consider your greatest achievement/s so far?

I’ve had the pleasure of editing many VTs that have made a difference in people’s lives whilst working on This Morning for 20 years, making people aware of issues they never knew about through compassionate stories that have resonated with audiences. Winning NTA awards made a big difference to me and the team, as it was voted by the public.

This Morning gave me the opportunity to work on various genres, some of which I loved with a passion. Making travel-log and cookery programmes, garden transformations, beauty, fashion and human interest stories fascinated me. Having the opportunity to edit longer forms of these will be so exciting in the next chapter of my career.

When it comes to my leisure time, racing yachts gives me most pleasure. On Sundays I am part of a team of 8, taking part in Cowes Week Regattas – both around the island races and off shore ones. Our boat has been Sussex Champion for over 5 years, which as you can imagine makes us very proud.

Any projects you are most proud of and why?

Death of Diana, Princess of Wales – This Morning

My first shift at This Morning was the day after Princess Diana died. Throughout the whole week I made emotive VT packages that captured the audience and were highly praised  in the Daily Mail.

Charlie Walduck, Dr Chris saved my life – This Morning

This was a year-long strand following Charlie as he slowly lost 35 stones with mentor and life-saver Dr Chris Steele. I was particularly proud of this series as we told the story of a man who went from being house-bound to running the London Marathon.

Cookery/Gardening/Fashion Strands – This Morning

These I would always enjoy as not only we’d be showing a recipe/end result, but also tell a visual story about the cool locations where the strand was filmed such as Australia, Rio, the US. I’m proud of these because the producer would always invite me to co-produce, so I was able to put my stamp on the VTs as well, bringing out the humour in presenters and showing the audience the beautiful scenery where each was filmed.

Planet Me – Hedge TV

Recently I have embarked on a personal project aimed at schools about a teaching aid for PSHE education. This will allow teachers to have a platform to tackle various mental health topics to help children in schools understand that they are not alone with their feelings and to promote health and well-being.

Share your biggest lessons in life and work

Always be true to your word, be kind, be happy and respect people, otherwise your mother will tell you off.

‘’A true gentleman knows how to play the bagpipes but doesn’t.‘’ – Thomas Beecham

View Sharon’s full portfolio

Highlights Of The Week


New series of Inside The Gang premiered on Monday on Channel 5. The first episode, ‘Young Blood’, was cut by Blueberry’s Dragomir Bajalica as one of his most recent personal projects. This documentary series aims to show the reality of some aspects of gang life in the UK today – where selling drugs, robbery and extreme violence are a normal part of everyday life. You can catch up online on My5.


Congrats to Blueberry’s recently signed Motion Designer Lukas Schrank on his latest personal project, the music video for Müto’s new single ‘Wildfire’, feat. Deutsch Duke. He co-directed the video with his business partner George Thomson through their production company Visitor Studio. Check it out here!


Our Spotlight this week is on Editor/Director/Self-Shooter Karl Watson. A freelancer with a solid background in corporate projects, his main passion is traveling – something he keeps capturing in a series of backpacking docs for his YouTube Channel. Read all about him in our News Section!

– HQ NEWS – 

This week we celebrated three work anniversaries in the Blueberry team. Our creative consultants Heather and Maureen have reached the 5 and 3 years marks respectively, whilst our Marketing Coordinator Francesco has been with us for a year now. Congratulations!

Karl Watson – Editor

Who is Karl Watson?

That’s a deep question. I’ve always been creative, having played the guitar since I was a kid, but I moved from music to video during my university years and have been working as an editor for nearly 10 years now.

Travelling is a huge part of my life and over the last few years I’ve grown a YouTube channel of TV-style documentaries from my backpacking adventures around the world.

How did your career path develop?

I started out trying to work as a freelance editor but didn’t have enough contacts and experience to get any decent work, so I moved to full time work for a few years, doing purely corporate projects, some more interesting than others. That however allowed me to build up my skills and portfolio, so at the start of 2015 I managed to move back to freelancing, which I prefer, as I love being able to work for different clients and also not being restricted by annual leave.

What do you consider your greatest achievement/s so far?

I think one of my greatest achievements was something from my personal life that ended up influencing my professional life: in 2013, I quit my job to go travelling round the world for 9 months. I’d spent 3 years saving up for it, as we were going to travel through 20 countries in 4 continents. Having that trip become a reality was a huge achievement in itself.

This is what kicked off my YouTube channel as well. I filmed the entire 9 month trip just using a Sony Handycam, which was all I could afford. I then edited it as if we’d been commissioned to make a TV series. The result was 11 x 45 minute episodes, with titles, music, maps, VO, the whole lot.

However, there was no commission. I had no audience, my channel had just started and I had no idea if anyone would watch it. But as the months went by, the views began to grow exponentially. The series, titled “HK2NY: Hong Kong To New York” has now received over a million views. When I go backpacking nowadays I have people come up to me saying they’ve seen the videos and it’s what inspired them to travel, which is the greatest compliment.

It also had a major impact on my career as I got a lot of freelance work with a variety of clients off the back of it. Most significantly STA Travel, whom I worked with for over a year, filming and editing their travel promo videos.

My travel films have developed a lot since then, but I can trace a lot of my success over the last few years back to HK2NY and the ridiculous idea of “hey, why don’t we film the entire 9 months”.

Any projects you are most proud of and why?

There’s a lot of projects I’ve worked on that I’m proud of but if I had to pick one, I’d say the “Make Waves In Queensland” promo I created for STA Travel. I was sent to Australia for 3 weeks to self-shoot, direct and edit a promo for Queensland tourism.

It was the dream job, a lot of fun but most importantly, it cemented the transition of my travel videos from something I did as a hobby to something I do professionally.

Share your biggest lessons in life and work

Given the bumpy start I had to my career, I’d say be careful who you work with and don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Good intentions, favours, “exposure” – none of these pay your bills.

Other than that, the world is your playground – save up, book a ticket and go see it!

View Karl’s full portfolio.

Highlights Of The Week


Mega rich Premier League clubs have the money and scouting networks to buy ready-made stars, so why do they keep turning to non-league for hidden gems?

A documentary for FourFourTwo football magazine, Non-league to Premier League | The stories of Jamie Vardy, Charlie Austin and Michail Antonio is the latest personal project by Blueberry’s Jonathan Briggs. Aside from the final mix he was the main creative force behind it, from camera/lighting and direction to edit, grade and motion graphics. Well done Jonathan!

The 6th Loco London Comedy Film Festival kicked off on Friday at BFI Southbank and runs until Sunday.

Blueberry’s David Chaudoir has one of his latest short films, Adonis and Aphrodite, screening as part of the Shorts Programme 2 which is scheduled on Sunday May 7th at 6pm at BFI’s NFTS. Get your tickets here!

Chasing Robert Barker is the feature filmmaking debut by Blueberry’s Daniel Florêncio.

In this thriller, after receiving a tip about celebrity actor Robert Barker dining with a young brunette and getting this “affair” on the front page of a tabloid, photographer turned paparazzi David is sent on a pursuit for the actor, by his boss. As the chase for the actor goes on, David is caught in the downward spiral of a fabricated tabloid story.

The film is one of the top films on iTunes in Latin America and Brazil, and it’s about to have its US and China release.

Christy Capes wrote on Flickering Myth: “Blooming with just-below-the-surface violence and dark nuances, Chasing Robert Barker is gritty and unforgiving, leaving audiences with a bitter after taste. Using the most nightmarish qualities of London, the film is firmly rooted in realism, depicting the destruction of a man’s whole world in just a few short days. It seems to tell us that it could happen to any of us, if we’re not careful.” 

In the UK this month, the film is only £0.99 to rent on iTunes and Amazon! Check it out!


The full programme for this year’s Sheffield Doc/Fest, running June 9-14, has been announced this week and it’s as rich as ever! Here at Blueberry we’ve already got our passes. Stay tuned for news on the screenings and panels we’re going to attend. Will you be there next month? If so, let us know!

For the first time this year Blueberry will be attending Sundance London. Tickets went on general sale yesterday and since documentary is our passion and focus, we scored ourselves seats for Icarus, Chasing Coral and the Docs Panel. This year’s Festival runs June 1-4 and takes place as always at the wonderful Picturehouse Central. Book your tickets now before it’s too late!

– HQ NEWS – 

Since our lovely Makeda was on holiday for her birthday two weeks ago, we celebrated her belatedly on Wednesday. She has been an outstanding addition to our team and we are lucky to have her.

We are also very excited for her imminent transition to our bookings team in the Short Form department. Happy belated birthday Makeda!