Adam Beasley – Editor / Cameraman

Who is Adam Beasley?

A twenty-something trapped in the body of a 35 year old. A filmmaker, a tea drinker and a big fan of bacon.

How did your career path develop?

When back in my hometown of Brighton after University, I met a local cameraman on the street where I lived, completely by chance. We got talking and I showed him my showreel, which was a lot of snowboarding and skating, and we hit it off. He gave me my first industry job, as camera assistant on BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den.

From then on I met a variety of people and worked as camera assistant, operator, PD and editor. I’ve been lucky enough to do some really interesting work, I’ve traveled a lot and met so many amazing people – something I’ve always wanted from my career.

What do you consider your greatest achievement/s so far?

First off, all of the things I’ve learned across the years: from editing and shooting techniques to cooking food inspired by the far-flung places I’ve been lucky enough to visit.

Secondly, remaining close to the people in my life who are most important to me. Lastly, on a side note, “360 flips” – a skateboarding trick which took me 3 years to learn, and one that 15 years later I can still do, if pushed…

Any projects you are most proud of and why?

Last year’s Olympics was a highlight, a very long and tiring gig, but I saw some amazing sport and from the best seats in the house too!

I’m proud of a series I produced for Red Bull called This and Nothing Else – four films about four non-professional big-wave surfers, some of the most amazing and crazy dudes I’ve been lucky enough to meet and hang out with.

I used to make films for the charity WaterAid. I’m proud of the work I did for them as hopefully it has made a real difference in the lives of some of the wonderful people I met across Africa and Asia.

Share your biggest lessons in life and work

Meet as many people as you can, travel, be open minded and always offer someone tea when they come into your home.

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