Amy Engles – motion graphic designer / director

This week in the Blueberry spotlight is fantastic motion graphic designer/director, Amy Engles.

Inspired by a desire to communicate ideas visually and a technical curiosity, Amy taught herself animation while living in Toyko.  Returning to London she worked as assistant to music video director Dawn Shadforth at RSA films, before receiving funding from the Film London ‘Pulse’ scheme to make the animated Sci-Fi, ‘Nora’. This won a number of awards at various film festivals around the world. Her music videos for ‘The Knife’, ‘Erland and The Carnival’ and ‘Honey Pine Dresser’ were also requested at highly acclaimed art galleries, as well as film festivals and had a feature on MTV.  Her work has been featured in Shots magazine, 3d World and Creative Review among others.

Amy’s reputation and experience has grown from strength to strength. Her work at Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, have honed a knack for comic timing. Much of Amy’s work has an inherent fairy tale quality to it, creating textural landscapes and dreamlike moods.

With over ten years experience in motion design she responds effectively and creatively to commercial briefs with an array of skills built up over this time.

View Amy’s portfolio here