When Paddy Met Sally, Endemol

Janet McCaig Taylor has been brought in to help edit a new two-part factual entertainment series commissioned by Channel 5 called ‘When Paddy met Sally’.

The series explores the very different lives of Sally Bercrow and Paddy Doherty showingwhat happens when their two worlds collide. As wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sally is used to being in the public eye, whilst Irish Traveller Paddy is notoriously private. The series will see Sally move in with Paddy for two weeks to experience every aspect of a traveller’s wife.

The program airs Monday 9th January, 10pm on Channel 5.

Editor: Janet McCaig Taylor
Production Company: Endemol
Broadcaster: Channel 5

Three Hungry Boys, Keo Films

Editors Michael Sharck and Jake Stratton have been busy editing ‘Three hungry boys’ for Keo Films.

The series follows Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as he challenges three friends, Trev, Tim and Thom, to travel through Devon and Cornwall on the adventure of a lifetime, living off the land and sea. The first episode includes eating from slop buckets, and working for dinner on mussel boats, while the lads also begin their troubled relationship with Daisy the milk float.

Editors: Michael Sharck, Jake Stratton
Production Company: Keo Films
Broadcaster: Channel 4

Bigger Than…, Renegade Pictures

Mark Goldie helped edit the ‘Bigger than…Britney’ episode of this brand new Sky Living series.

The program takes a look at the regular girls who think they have what it takes to make it as a celebrity lookalike – minus a few pounds of course. Over the course of the series, we follow girls who want to look just like Britney Spears, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rhianna. They are put on celebrity-inspried diets and given idol-inspired workout routines to see if they can really look like their favourite stars.

The show is set to broadcast starting Wednesday 1st January at 9pm on Sky Living.

Editor: Mark Goldie
Production Company: Renegade Pictures
Broadcaster: Sky Living


Obese: A Year To Save My Life, Eyeworks Television

Mark James has just finished helping to edit the fitness series ‘Obese: A year to save my life’ for Sky One.

This new documentary follows nine morbidly obese people striving to shed up to half their bodyweight, before it kills them. Filmed over the course of a year, the show follows the highs and lows of each characters journeys to reveal an intimate and compelling portrait of their lives as they struggle to follow a strictly orchestrated weight loss programme of diet and exercise.

Editor: Mark James
Production Company: Eyeworks Television
Broadcaster: Sky One

The Great British Property Scandal, Tiger Aspect

Editor Murat Yusuf recently cut an episode of ‘The great British property Scandal’ for Tiger Aspect.

In this two-part series presenter George Clarke leads a campaign highlighting the number of empty homes across the country. The aim is to ensure a change in the law which would see long-term empty homes being made available to ordinary people and to set up a low interest loan fund to allow landlords to renovate their homes.

Editor: Murat Yusuf
Production Company: Tiger Aspect
Broadcaster: Channel 4


Fairground Attractions, ITN

Editors Tom Perry and Janet McCaig recently worked with ITN on the recent Channel 5 series ‘Fairground attractions’.

This revealing documentary follows the people and traditions behind the bright lights and the candy floss, many of whom have families who have been in the fairground business for generations.

Editors: Tom Perry, Janet McCaig
Production Company: ITN
Broadcaster: Channel 5

James Martin’s Mediterranean, Passion Distribution

Simon Abrahams has been busy helping to edit ‘James Martin’s Mediterranean’ for the Good Food Channel.

This series put James Martin’s culinary skills to the test, as he shows us how to source and cook local cuisines, whilst sailing around the Mediterranean From the Greek islands to the Spanish Balearics. Every episode will see James sail into a different port, where he will meet a handful of local chefs, farmers and ex-patriots, who will introduce him to fresh, locally sourced ingredients, before he cooks

Editor: Simon Abrahams
Production Company: Passion Distrubution
Broadcaster: Good Food Channel

What’s America worth?, Touch Productions

Our editors Mike Duxbury, David Halpern, Mark James, have been hard at work for Touch Productions on ‘What’s America worth?’.

Ever thought how much America is worth? Imagine putting a dollar amount on everything in America – all the land, the resources under our feet, our homes, even the water we drink. For the first time, Donald Trump puts a value on it all.

Editors: Mike Duxbury, David Halpern, Mark James
Production Company: Touch Productions
Broadcaster: Discovery Channel

Robin Schmidt has won the Bahamas 14 Islands film challenge

Congratulations to Blueberry polymath extraordinaire Robin Schmidt who was announced the winner of the ‘Bahamas 14 Islands’ film challenge.

As one of 14 finalists, Robin had 14 days to capture a paradise on earth – Long Island. The final film is a tantalising glimpse into the joy and beauty of the Bahamas.

On his assigned island – Long Island – Robin used his 7Dpro camera, Redrock Micro Eyespy Deluxe, and Steadicam Merlin to show the incredible joy and beauty found on Long Island with shots from the air, in caves, and on and under the water! The result is a tantalising glimpse into daily life on Long Island – a great promotional film, but also just a great film.

Director, Writer, Editor, Camera: Robin Schmidt
Project: 14 Islands Film Challenge: Winning film

Tom Cole Creates 30 Day Feature Film Challenge

Blueberry Editor Tom Cole and 3 young L.A. filmmakers have set themselves the challenge of making a feature film – from initial concept to production – in just one month, and they started on November 20th.

The idea started with a conversation between director Marcin Teodoru and editor Tom Cole, who together run LA full service company Circle Films.

“There’s the 48 hour short film competition where you have just two days to make a movie, but there’s nothing like that for feature films, so that got us thinking.” – Tom Cole

The Deadline was provided by Tom’s return to his native London for Christmas, but both he and Marcin were astonished, and inspired, by the immediate enthusiasm and support offered by colleagues and friends. They were quickly joined by Australian-born writer Adam Foster and producer Aaron Grosso, who despite his young years has worked on commercials and been a director of photography on music videos featuring artists such as JET, Buckcherry and Alonso Brito.

“The whole idea sounds crazy, it’s very hardcore guerrilla filmmaking. We started with no money, we just wanted to see what favours we could pull, what contacts we could make and just see how far we could get. We decided we just weren’t going to sit around and wait because of the economy. We were sick of hearing about that….We want to be part of the one per cent of Hollywood who actually get to make their own feature film,” – Marcin Teodoru

The Four aim to finish production at one minute to midnight on December 20. They will then edit the movie – a tense tale of revenge and redemption, taking place over a single evening – in time for an unofficial showing at the Sundance Festival in January.

Follow their journey here

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Edited By:
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30 Day Film Challenge at Sundance Festival 2010

On November 20th, 2009 three young film makers set themselves a unique, and grueling, challenge: to make a 90-minute feature film – from initial concept to end of production – in just 30 days. On December 20, 2009, they triumphantly wrapped production on “Closure”, a dark tale of revenge and redemption. Their new mission is to sell the film by the end of the Sundance Film Festival on February 1st.

Marcin Teodoru, Tom Cole, and Aaron Grasso, had no crew, budget, or script; just an intense collective of enthusiasm and talent. They utilised their energy and various social network sites to rally over 70 industry professionals for the production, based on no more than a passion for filmmaking. Now the trio is heading to Park City, UT for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. You can find the intrepid 30 Day crew marching around the Sundance strip, promoting their numerous unofficial screenings that will be held both at and around the festival.

The 30 Day Crew are an inspiration, they scored 95,000 hits to their website within the first four days of its existence, and well over 1,000,000 in the 30 days. Their challenge had struck a chord with a Hollywood reeling from recession, and many executives, including David S. Goyer and Matt Williams, took interest in the project and sent endorsement videos in support of the challenge.

Director Marcin Teodoru, will be taking a seat on the 140 Twitter Conference panel at the festival on January 24th at the TweetHouse. The panel will be discussing integration between independent filmmaking and social media network sites – a key aspect of the 30 Day Feature Film Challenge.

Blueberry are proud to sponsor the 30 Day Feature Film Challenge and wish the guys luck in their new mission.

The Operation: Surgery Live, Windfall Films

For four consecutive nights starting on 25th May Channel 4 will aired the ground-breaking series ‘The Operation: Surgery Live’ showing leading UK surgeons carrying out life-changing surgeries in front of a live studio audience.

The series demanded flawless editing and story-telling craftsmanship to convey the intricacies of the surgeries, the immediacy of the action, and the background stories of the surgeons and patients. It was clear that Blueberry editor Duncan Thomsen was the perfect choice for the task at hand.

“Duncan is a highly experienced documentary editor with strong technical skills and fast application. He has worked across many forms of programming – both short and long – from factual, to music to promo. Duncan works closely with clients, getting a clear sense of what they need from the edit and we thought he’d bring the perfect balance of sensitivity, charisma and technical skill to this edit.” – Carly Anchal, Blueberry Creatives

The online and offline editing and grading all happened within a busy two week process with permissions and interviews taking place up until the days preceding the surgery and broadcast. Shooting took place during the final stages of the edit, so Duncan worked alongside the programme Directors to prepare the material up until the last minute. Due to the sensitive nature of the programme, it was necessary to prepare a large amount of contingency material to be used in the unlikely event of a complication in the surgery.

It was important, commented Associate Producer with Windfall Films Anna Evans-Freke, to ensure that all contingency material was edited in the same emotional and immediate style as the live feed so that if the need arose to cut to the extra material there would be continuity in content and tone.

Duncan regularly takes projects from start to finish, working independently or with a client. He has worked as an editor for programmes broadcast on BBC, Discovery, Five, National Geographic Channel and was the editor behind Channel 4’s programme The Ascent of Money for Chimerica Media. Of the Operation project, Duncan comments: “It was interesting to work with people like Windfall because they’re at the cutting edge, literally, of this kind of programme.” The graphic nature of the programme, was, he admits, quite difficult at some points “especially when they cut open the patient’s ribcage!”, but Duncan Thomsen has had plenty of experience and interest in editing medical-themed documentary programmes. “Ultimately, I appreciated that this show was about cure.” he says.

While the content for The Operation: Surgery live was revolutionary, the editing was similar to that required of documentary and news programmes demanding a great deal of trust and faith in the skill, discretion and story-telling ability of an editor.

Editor: Duncan Thomsen
Production Company: Windfall Films
Broadcaster: Channel 4

Grow Your Own Drugs, BBC2

Silver River recently asked creative motion graphic and animation studio Bedroom London to create the title sequence for BBC 2’s exciting new series ‘Grow Your Own Drugs’. Bedroom was set up by talented Blueberry Ed Saxby who called upon the animation talents of Blueberry’s Amy Engles and Karl Hammond to assist in realising his vision.

Airing until April ‘Grow Your Own Drugs’ is presented by ethnobotanist James Wong, who we see produce herbal treatments and remedies for a variety of medical conditions. The objective was to create an impactful title sequence that would visually parallel the controversial show title in a 3D manner, while situated in a familiar organic setting.

This highly creative project first involved breaking down high resolution photographs into layers. The layered images were composited into After Effects, and by placing the sections on a depth axis it created a “3D photographic effect”. Cinema 4D was then used to create the 3D text, and 3D camera pans/track movements. All elements were then composited in After Effects, shadows and lighting effects were added. Trapcode Particular was used to generate clouds of floating pollen and swarms of gnats whizzing pass the camera. The result is spectacular!

The project was featured in the Creative Review of industry magazine ‘Broadcast’ w/c 9th March. In addition to the title sequence, a variety of amusing and instructional in show graphics were created.

Director, Senior Animator, Compositor: Ed Saxby
Animators: Amy Engles, Karl Hammond
Design Studio: Bedroom London
Broadcaster: BBC2


Snowstorm: Britain’s Big Freeze, Channel 4

In rapid response to the February’s astonishing snowfall, Pioneer came to us to put together an editing team with the stamina and dexterity to craft and deliver a 60 min documentary for Channel 4 within just a two week turnaround; ‘Snowstorm: Britain’s Big Freeze’.

Shown on February 26th, just a couple of weeks after Britain’s largest snowfall in 18 years, the film mixes archival footage with interviews of scientists and meteorologists to discover what caused Britain’s Big Freeze and to determine whether it was a freak occurrence or part of a decades-long cycle of big storms. Channel 4 also interviewed leading politicians – including London Mayor Boris Johnson – questioning whether the UK could have been better prepared for the snowstorm.

Editors: Ben Harrison, Will Roche
Production Company: Pioneer
Broadcaster: Channel 4

Discovery History Night, Title Design

David Chaudoir, was commissioned to research, write and animate break bumpers for Discovery’s ‘History Night’.

Having styled the whole ‘History Night’ packaging, using the distinctive blue and white palette of the channel, David created typographic scenarios and illustration to engage and bring the subject to life.

Writer, Designer, Animator: David Chaudoir
Client: Discovery
Broadcaster: Discovery Channel