IR35 Changes from 6th April.

Tax rules affecting freelancers working through personal service/limited companies or partnerships, changed on Tuesday 6th April 2021


From this date, end clients of a certain size are legally responsible for making determinations on whether a freelancer is working in an employee-like manner (inside IR35) or self-employed (outside IR35).  

We are committed to supporting our clients and freelancers through the new IR35 changes.  It can seem a bit complex, but we’ve been busy preparing and training the whole team, so that we all have good comprehension and are able to support you.  To that end, we have created specific support guides which you can find below.

We are very happy to chat through any questions that you may still have, feel free get in touch by phone or email.



* Please read our IR35 Client Guide for an overview on the legislative changes. 

If your business is not exempt and the off payroll rules apply, then you’ll need to provide us with a Status Determination Statement (SDS).  It’s helpful to know when you call in the job and we will definitely need this in place before confirming the job.

You may have an internal process, or use HMRC’s CEST tool, or we can provide you with a SDS template if needed.  We’re happy to help with any questions you have, please give us a call.



* We’ve prepared an IR35 Freelancer FAQ sheet – gathering some of the questions that have come up in conversation, with some more details that we think will be helpful.  

Where clients are required to make a determination on whether a booking falls inside IR35 or outside IR35, we will communicate this information to you at the earliest opportunity and we’ll share the Status Determination Statement (SDS) provided to us by the client.  


Marilyn Fernandes, Compliance Manager

020 7199 3850 / [email protected]


Stella Wan’s London Independent Film Festival win!

Congratulations to Stella Wan!

Never Fight a Man With a Perm” won the ‘Best Music Video‘ award at the 2020 London Independent Film Festival. Stella (also known as Stella Bella Hex) was animator, assistant director and DOP on this surreal arcade game themed video, exploring toxic masculinity by rock band Idles.

The video has received a lot of praise since its release last summer and was selected for various film festivals including Vienna, Santiago (Official Monthly Winner ‘Best Music Video’ and Los Angeles festivals (Award Nominee ‘Best Music Video’ and ‘ Best Short Animation’)

Stella collaborated with director Al Brown and illustrator Russell Taysom for Fluffer Records.

Stella: “The three of us have worked on a few other things together such as Fluffer Pit Party (Al’s independent record label for alternative music). I did animation to promote the gig nights as well as visual projections at the live events. We also worked on Deap Vally (American rock duo formed in L.A) who played at a show. It’s really great to be able to work with such talented, wholesome people and we all see it as passion projects doing something we love and telling stories that have underlying messages that hint at the society we live in. * Not for everyone!

Explore more of Stella’s wildly original and stunning work

Promo News feature

Coronavirus: Open for business as usual

The welfare of our Freelance Talent, Clients and Team is our top priority.

Our team are all working from home and operating ‘business as usual’. All office phones are on divert to our mobiles, communication is flowing and we are holding daily video team meetings.

We are on hand to support you as always: 020 7199 3850.

Get in touch if you need an Editor, Motion Graphic Designer or Creative to work on your project remotely.



Grierson award nomination for Alex Fry

Congratulations to Alex Fry!

Alex edited the brilliant BBC 3 documentary series ‘Love and Hate Crime‘, which is nominated for a Grierson award.   Each film studied cases of hate crime in the US, murders with elements of love and passion as well as prejudice.

We’re really chuffed for Alex, he’s a supremely talented Editor and a pleasure to work with.  Wishing him lots of luck come award night – 5th November.  We’ll be there to cheer him on! :)


James Clayson edited two episodes of this brand new 10 part series, which exposes the murderous underbelly of UK cities.  James’s first episode airs on Monday 17th September – telling how one man tormented the city of Dundee.  Then on 1st October, is ‘Pontypridd’.


Handmade in the Pacific

Starts on Mon 10th Sept, BBC4 at 10pm.  New 4 part observational doc series.  We’ll be immersed in the world of indigenous artists as they create their cherished items.   The first episode focuses on the yidaki (didgeridoo), believed to heal people, control the weather, and summon ancestral spirits.

Bullying and Harassment panel discussion at Sheffield Doc/Fest

Heather attended an interesting and very relevant panel discussion at Sheffield Doc Fest this year: “Times Up: The Industry Response to Bullying & Harassment”. Directors UK, led the panel to explore the new initiatives that are aiming to bring about much-needed change, and listen to additional ideas from the audience for creating the safest work environments.

Taking part in the panel:

Ali Bailey, Directors UK’s own Head of Campaigns

Tim Hunter, Head of Learning and Events at BAFTA

Kelly Webb-Lamb, Deputy Director of Programmes & Head of Popular Factual at Channel 4

Billie Porter, Journalist and Filmmaker

Natasha Dack, Co-Managing Director at Tigerlily Films

Fiona Campbell, Executive Producer of Current Affairs at BBC

Heather Iliffe, Agent at Blueberry shares;

“Tim Hunter spoke about BAFTA’S efforts to advise on ways to hit back against bullies and harassment.  He mentioned that in large corporations like the BBC, people were trained in how to deal with mental health issues. These people would wear a certain coloured lanyard around their neck so they were easily identifiable to someone needing to talk. I thought this was a fantastic idea as a person can feel vulnerable if they are in close proximity to one of their own team members, not wanting to make situations worse. This way someone can pick and choose who they’d like to speak to.”

“I asked about how freelancers can be protected in cases of bullying and harassment, as it seems measures are being put into place for full time staff, but this industry has a huge amount of people moving around productions.  Asking about how agencies like Blueberry can help with getting the word out; how people should conduct themselves and what they can do if they experience harassment. The panel said that they had discussed this before and want to help vocalise the subject of what we as an industry can do to provide access to helpful materials, helplines or conversations with support groups”

Directors UK have launched a Bullying and Harassment handbook for Screen Directors, which they’ve kindly made free to download from their website.   The content could apply to most people within the film and television industry, we hope that you find it useful.  

They also recommended the following resources;

Directors UK are looking for more ideas to keep this discussion open, and we are keen to participate, if you’re interested too and have views to share, get in touch with [email protected]

Proudly supporting Grierson Trust’s Doc Lab



The Grierson DocLab is a new entrant training scheme for 18-25 year olds who are seeking to work in factual TV.   Trainees come from different backgrounds, represent different regions of the UK, some are graduates who have studied a wide range of disciplines, with a few non-graduates amongst the mix.  What they all share is a passion for the documentary genre, but translating this to a CV and covering letter is not necessarily an easy task.

“For the last 3 years, trainees have benefited from the generous support of Blueberry Creatives through one-2-one CV clinics with Irantzu Lau-Hing Fan.  Each in-depth, bespoke session has been, without question, a great experience for each individual.  They have had to dig deep to articulate and express the ‘why’ they want to work in the industry and through the careful and considered support from Irantzu, they have each time been able to come up with a well crafted expression of that.  What stands out is the time and space that Irantzu gives everyone.  It is never rushed and the feedback from trainees is always fantastic.  For some, it will have been the first time they have had to do this deep thinking.  By the end of the process, they have created a great CV, produced a hit list of production companies to approach and their resolve that this is the right career for them strengthened.  A big thanks to Irantzu and her team to make this happen for our trainees and alumni.” 

Yen Yau, Doc Lab’s Outreach Programme Manager


“I look forward to these workshops every year!  Meetings with people early on in their careers, brings home the long term value that thoughtful conversations can have…”

Irantzu Lau-Hing-Fan, Blueberry MD

Applications for the 2019 Grierson DocLab open in January 2019. 

Follow @griersontrust on Twitter for updates.

Grierson Awards 2018 – Blueberry Editors work shortlisted

We’re very proud that several of our brilliant documentary Editors work has been shortlisted for this years Grierson Awards!
Among the projects are;
  • ‘Hansa Studios: By the Wall 1976-90’ (Paul Bernays)
  • ‘Surgeons: At the Edge of Life’ (Katherine Lee)
  • ’24 Hours in Police Custody’ (Graham Cox)
  • ‘Love & Hate Crime’ (Alex Fry)
  • ‘Rich House Poor House’ (Dave Jacobs)
Nominations are announced 17th September. View the list in full here

Blueberry co-hosts The PMA’s Summer Party

As sponsors of the Production Managers Association, we were delighted to have the opportunity to co-host their summer party on 18th July.  The Blueberry team had a lovely evening getting to know the PMA members at Soho’s October Gallery.   We also loved delighting people with our raffle prizes, including spa vouchers.  Looking forward to the next one!

Find out more about the PMA

What Makes a Woman?

In this documentary, transgender model and activist Munroe Bergdorf examines the changing world of gender and identity. Her journey includes gruesome surgery, new science, and some outspoken views from all sides.

“Thought-provoking, primarily because, despite the broad title of the show, the focus is narrow, exploring the thorny, emotive issues surrounding identity through the perspective of a single trans woman.” The Standard.

Broadcast in May, the documentary is available to watch on 4 Demand.


Our Shirley Valentine Summer

This brand new series sends eight female celebrities, who have all reached a crossroads in their lives, to live together on a Greek island.  Featuring Melinda Messenger, Sian Lloyd, Nancy Dell’Olio, Aggie MacKenzie, Ninia Benjamin, Lizzie Cundy, Annabel Giles and Ingrid Tarrant.

Tune in on Thursdays at 9.30pm on ITV1.–series-1-episode-1/

American Monster

American Monster (series 3) reveals how murder cases have been solved with the help of home videos – and exposes the double lives led by serial killers. Alan Harris edited episode 1 “Stages of Grief”. After 55-year-old Joan Dawley’s murder, the family’s home videos reveal a shocking tale of deceit. Series currently airing on Sundays at 8pm, and available on streaming services.