Bea Grimbly – editor

This week in the spotlight is a longtime Blueberry favourite, editor, Bea Grimbly.

Beatrix has been editing since digital was something only found on watches. Freelancing for over a decade, Bea enjoys working across a multitude of formats and styles. With experience in broadcast news she quickly finds the heart of a story, while her background in music TV informs a keen sense of rhythm and pace. Bea is a strong and flexible storyteller, turning her hand to emotive documentaries, energetic promos and informative corporate films. She particularly enjoys weaving a compelling story from the narrative threads of diverse voices.

Her career as an editor has included a wide variety of projects, from sizzle reels to corporate promos, branding films, charity appeals, in-depth documentary, broadcast news and innovative music shows.

As an editor Beatrix is a proficient with Final Cut and Premiere and a deep knowledge of editing and design software. She is highly adaptable, always rising to the challenge of tight deadlines. Bea enjoys working with a wide variety of clients, who sometimes forget she is freelance and not in-house.

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