Child’s i Foundation’s Media Volunteer Scheme

In the spirit of “Uniting Creative Minds”, Blueberry is excited to share an inspiring opportunity with Child’s i Foundation, a charity set up in Uganda in 2009 which places children into families instead of orphanages.

We are working with the charity’s founder and CEO, Lucy Buck, to identify TV professionals interested in visiting Uganda and volunteering their time and expertise to produce powerful charity campaign films that ‘change hearts and minds’. It’s an invaluable opportunity for the filmmaking industry to contribute in making a positive and lasting difference to children in orphanages in Uganda, and all over the world.

Lucy Buck, a former TV producer (BBC, ITV, Channel 4) founded Child’s i Foundation after volunteering in an orphanage and seeing first-hand the damage caused by institutional care. The harm of placing a child under 3 years old into an orphanage is often permanent and irreversible. In Uganda there are 50,000 children growing up in these institutions, being denied a family and sense of belonging.

Child’s i Foundation provides short term life-saving care for children, tracing their extended families and reuniting them. If no family members are located, they find a foster or adoptive family, aiming to do this within six months, as any longer than that in care can cause irreversible damage to a child.

Over the past six years the charity has also worked in partnership with the Government to develop alternative family-based services to replace the damaging outdated practice of placing children in orphanages. Their solution, endorsed by the Government, is to eliminate those institutions by replacing them with services which give children the opportunity to grow up loved in families.

Since the start, TV professionals have visited Child’s i Foundation in Uganda and shared their skills, experience, love and time, making films that help the the charity’s work reach a wider audience.  Educating, revealing and provoking thought and discussion about better care alternatives. Without the valuable work of filmmakers to help raise awareness, the world’s most vulnerable children all over the world continue to be in danger, despite the good intentions of people who support through funding and action. The next series of films will explore 8 lessons gained over 8 years of building Child’s i Foundation.

The media volunteer placement is for a minimum period of 3 months, and the costs of flights and accommodation are covered. The need is for experienced, enthusiastic and adaptable filmmakers who can hit the ground running. This is an opportunity to expand your experience and use your skills to make a difference. No day is the same as the next one on this scheme, so you need to be adaptable and have lots of initiative and creativity.

The requirements for the role are:

• Extensive experience in field producing with a focus on producing/directing
• Experience and confidence with shooting on SLR
• Knowledge of using basic sound equipment
• Highly experienced and efficient in using Final Cut Pro

The media volunteer will be involved and privy to very sensitive, personal issues and stories surrounding abandonment, babies and families. Confidentiality and sensitivity to the nature of this content is essential as much as it is respecting the cultural aspects in the Ugandan environment.

To get involved, contact Lucy Buck

For more details on the scheme read Changing Hearts and Minds with Child’s i Foundation

For all past videos please visit Child’s i Foundation’s YouTube page