D&AD Festival 2016

Liam attended the D&AD Festival this year at The Old Truman Brewery from Wednesday 20th – Friday 22nd April.

All of the talks that Liam attended; dealing with branded content, PR, design and social media he found there was a theme running throughout. All stressing that there has been a seismic change in advertising over the past 5 to 6 years, and it’s completely transformed the way that brands communicate with their audiences – and the method that agencies and production companies use to help deliver that message to the public. This is still evolving, and there are no hard-and-fast rules for what works and what doesn’t. Also really interestingly so many of the award winners for content developed by major agencies were done for social causes.

Here are some highlights Liam picked up from the different talks and panel discussions:

Insight Session: Branded Content 

The definition of what constitutes “branded content” is an ongoing discussion. It can be anything from a 10 second vine video to a 90-minute theatrical release documentary directed by Werner Herzog. The important things are:

– That the content is genuine, and truly engages the audience

– The moment people feel like they’re watching a  commercial, they will tune out

– There has to be a cohesion between the brand’s mission, and the content creator’s vision

Insight Session: Technology

Social media  and digital platforms are allowing for much more personal engagement. Even as far as one-to-one engagement with the public. A great example of this is Sydney opera House’s #comeonin  Instagram campaign.

Design For Motion

Brands and branded content is delivered across so many different platforms, it’s a given now that your brand will wind up on a screen, and if it’s on a screen, it will need to move. It’s essential that motion is taken into account in the conceptual stages of brand identity, so the brand can be launched consistently  across all platforms.