Ed Kinnear – Editor

Who is Ed Kinnear?

I’m a freelance offline editor, working in the industry since 2001 and editing for companies such as BBC, Dot to Dot Productions, Sixth Sense Media, Tiger Aspect and Twenty Twenty. I’m experienced in both long and short form, broadcast and corporate. Recent projects have included children’s programmes for CBBC and CBeebies including the BAFTA nominated series “Our Family”. I’ve also worked on documentaries and educational dramas for Brook Lapping, TV promos for CBS Drama and Food Network, infomercials for BT Vision and JD Williams, and Cartoon Network’s international game show Ben 10 Ultimate Challenge.

How did your career path develop?

I began as a runner at a London-based film editors’ company, becoming an assistant and junior editor there and working on commercials, pop promos, and television programmes. After six years I moved on to The Money Channel, editing its varied factual and current affairs programme output. Although the company only lasted just over a year, it was a great learning environment in broadcast TV and long form programme editing and by the end of its run I was able to take the experience I’d gained there and become a freelancer.

What do you consider your greatest achievement/s so far?

Fulfilling my ambition to work in TV and Film and working on many different projects across varied genres. Finding new clients and meeting some fantastic people along the way.

Any projects you are most proud of and why?

A 3-part documentary series for Teachers TV called Brit Camp. It has a good pace and is a meaningful journey of discovery for the young participants who are dealing with issues of nationality, race and identity.

Episode links for CBS Drama’s initial transmissons of CSI. Challenging to edit in a short space of time, around 30 links in 10 days, with a combination of specially shot footage, CGI and episode footage.

Footy Pups for CBeebies. It’s become a very popular series including being rated number 1 children’s programme in the viewing figures.

Our Family for CBeebies. Wonderful fly-on-the-wall documentary series told from the perspective of the children about everyday family life which appeals to both children and adults.

Totally Rubbish for CBBC, a children’s art series full of creativity and imagination.

Share your biggest lessons in life and work

Over the years clients have come and gone, there have been exceptionally busy periods and others of inactivity so I have learned not to rely on one client and I have always attempted to do a variety of things and never give up. Although I am never one to turn down work, I always feel that I should take on projects that are a good fit for both parties and I am 100% confident I can deliver to the highest of standards. I think reputation is everything, overconfidence is a weakness and being honest is the best policy.

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