Hansa Studios: By The Wall 1976-90

Broadcaster: Sky Arts
Production: Christie HQ
Editor: Paul Bernays

Blueberry Editor Paul Bernays cut Hansa Studios: By The Wall 1976-90, a feature length documentary about Berlin’s legendary Hansa Studios, where David Bowie and Iggy Pop were based in the late 70s, recording ‘Lust For Life’ and ‘Heroes’ among other classics.

Produced by Christie HQ, it airs on Sky Arts on January 10th at 9pm and it’s available on Sky Go afterwards. Paul shared with us a bit about his experience working on the project…

A vast old dancehall space until German Reunification, Hansa was in a desolate no man’s land by the Wall dividing East and West, a unique setting for many wild adventures and defining creative moments. The film also covers the illustrious succession of acts that followed in Bowie’s footsteps – among them Nick Cave, Wire, Depeche Mode, REM and U2, who conjured the mercurial song One out of the studio’s magic air.

Hats off to director Mike Christie for such an elegant shooting style and superb big name interviews. Not only was it brilliant to work on a film about one of Bowie’s most fantastic periods of transition, it was enriching to work with such a talented director and jump into the creative channel alongside him, as well as with later addition co-editor Dan Setford, firing sequences back and forth.

We had great archive, chilling Cold War era reels plus unique Super 8 and camcorder footage gifted by some of the bands themselves. With filming still running during the edit, it was sometimes fast and my ‘decisions made per minute’ rate was pretty high, as was the temperature in our sweltering Shoreditch suite – but such a great project to collaborate on.”

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