Heather Nair – editor

At Blueberry we are privileged to meet wonderfully talented people on a weekly basis, this week the spotlight is on editor, Heather Nair.

Heather comes to you with her over 10 years knowledge and experience in both offline and online editing suites. Not one to be pigeon-holed, she has explored and mastered editing within many different genres from drama to sports, as well as concerts to commercials. To further complement her skill set, she is also at intermediate level in Adobe After Effects, which means she has the ability to enhance her work.

Most recently she was part of the editing team on ‘Food Junkies’, one of the first shows featured on the ‘London Live’ channel and she also had the pleasure of working on various projects for the London Olympic and Paralympics Games committee for the London 2012 Summer Olympics and has also built up a great foundation of high profile clients including: Ogilvy, Fresh One Productions, Feref & Mother London.

Previous to her career in editing, Heather gained valuable experience in television production, starting as an Assistant Editor and then moving on to direct an award winning sitcom. Heather is known for being fast, confident and on the ball.

View Heather’s portfolio here