Highlights Of The Week


Three Blueberry Editors Doug HowarthYulia Martynova and Billy Rich worked on this week’s episode of Everest Rescue, titled Summit Fever, which airs on Sunday night at 9pm on Discovery UK, produced by Betty TV.

With exclusive 360° access to Everest’s elite search and rescue and medical teams, this dramatic series follow those who risk everything to save and treat the sick and injured in one of the most treacherous terrains in the world.

Blueberry Editor Nick Webb produced, edited, soundtracked and even co-starred in his most recent personal project, short film Weather The Storm.

The stark beauty of Shetland in winter provides the perfect backdrop for a couple in search of reconnection in this short, which premiered on Thursday night at Regent Street Cinema, preceding the screening of Paul Kelly’s feature How We Used To Live.


Steve Teers is one of our most experienced editors, who has a strong musical background providing him with a trained ear and eye for stylistic presentation.

He’s the subject of this week’s Spotlight. Read all about him on our website.