Highlights Of The Week



Blueberry’s collaboration with VICE keeps growing. Aldo Paternostro has cut four cool videos for the content-prolific company. The first one (co-edited by Aldo) is a new episode of Night Visions about the fascinating and visually stunning world of Skotoboinya, aka 90s dance rave culture reimagined by Russian teens in Moscow. Ladybeard is an episode of Off Day about a cross-dressing Aussie wrestler who spends his time outside the ring performing J Pop-infused death metal at intimate venues across Asia. The third one is part of The Chosen Ones series, exploring how Narcissistic Personality Disorder has overtaken “psychopath” and “bipolar” to emerge as our number one label for others’ perceived psychological failings. Finally Martini’s Play with Time campaign follows blogger Laura Comolli as she explores Barcelona in 72 hours.



A recent Blueberry sign up, Motion Graphic Designer Olly Robertson is the subject of this week’s Spotlight. His dynamic skill set includes experience in projection mapping, directing live action and infographics for brands, TV titles and events. Olly has been working in the industry since 2012 and although mainly focused on motion design, in his spare time he does all sorts of other things – photography, paper mechanics, illustration and more – trying to make something every day and feel creativity as an integral part of his existence.


Showreel and Tell is a new platform for professional motion designers and animators to get together, present and discuss their work and learn new things from each other. Each event will see 2 – 3 talks from motion and animation professionals, giving a behind the scenes look at the concept development, process and technical wizardry of their projects. All interspersed with drink, nibbles, meeting new people and chatting about all things animation. The next event is on November 8th and Blueberry will be in attendance for the first time to see what’s it all about plus our recent sign up Olly Robertson will also be there presenting a piece. Admission is free!





Bav is still buzzing after travelling around China for 10 days. Starting off in Hong Kong where she escaped the bustle of the city to hike up Lantau Peak and then on to Guangzhou where she braved a terrifying bungee jump – still causes palpitations thinking about the fall. Next across to the beautiful Sichuan capital Chengdu where she climbed Quinching mountain, saw the giant Leshan Buddha standing 71 metres tall and then went to see the pandas! Finally off to smoggy Beijing to hike the Great Wall and visit Tiananmen Square. All in all an amazingly incredible holiday with a great combination of activity, culture and adventure.