Highlights Of The Week


Blueberry editor Adam Garstone worked for ITN Productions on The Super Orgasm, which aired on Thursday night on Channel 4.

Two other editors in our talent pool, Mike Shark and Jonathan Kelly did some additional work on the programme.

Don’t miss the finale of Everest Rescue this Easter Sunday at 9pm on Discovery UK.

The thrilling series follows nail-biting missions to save stranded climbers as well as men and women from the surrounding villages.

Blueberry editor Yulia Martynova worked on it for Betty TV.


This week’s Blueberry Spotlight is about another one of our most experienced editors, Dragomir Bajalica.

Originally from Serbia, he’s been working in the UK for almost 20 years, working across all types of documentary genres. Read all about him on our website.

– HQ NEWS – 

This week we’ve celebrated two of our team members’ birthdays back to back.

Our MD Irantzu’s was on Wednesday, whilst on Thursday cake and gifts were all for Kim from our accounts department. What a lovely way to head into the long Easter/Bank Holiday weekend!