Highlights Of The Week


New series of Inside The Gang premiered on Monday on Channel 5. The first episode, ‘Young Blood’, was cut by Blueberry’s Dragomir Bajalica as one of his most recent personal projects. This documentary series aims to show the reality of some aspects of gang life in the UK today – where selling drugs, robbery and extreme violence are a normal part of everyday life. You can catch up online on My5.


Congrats to Blueberry’s recently signed Motion Designer Lukas Schrank on his latest personal project, the music video for Müto’s new single ‘Wildfire’, feat. Deutsch Duke. He co-directed the video with his business partner George Thomson through their production company Visitor Studio. Check it out here!


Our Spotlight this week is on Editor/Director/Self-Shooter Karl Watson. A freelancer with a solid background in corporate projects, his main passion is traveling – something he keeps capturing in a series of backpacking docs for his YouTube Channel. Read all about him in our News Section!

– HQ NEWS – 

This week we celebrated three work anniversaries in the Blueberry team. Our creative consultants Heather and Maureen have reached the 5 and 3 years marks respectively, whilst our Marketing Coordinator Francesco has been with us for a year now. Congratulations!