Highlights Of The Week



At Blueberry we love supporting our Talent’s side projects. This week, Motion Graphic Designer and Creative Director Ibrahim Ahmed presented Journey To The Blue City, the first photographic book exploring the culture and community of calisthenics before the world caught on. It tells a story of how empowerment at the high bar can bring people together from all backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, race and age. It shows the world how calisthenics can be used to contribute towards unity and social integration in all levels of society, particularly in an urban environment. 


cropped-11393396_10202958622685806_8908568418733676481_o-copy-2-315x315A fresh addition to the Blueberry pool of Talent, Jamie Roper is an editor and self-shooter and the focus of this week’s Spotlight article. His understanding of corporate business language allows him to be able to tell a complex story, which is both interesting and visually engaging. He has the ability to adapt to whatever the subject matter throws at him. One of Jamie’s most prideful moments was filming the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay which has travelled from Athens to London for over 70 days.



On Monday night, the Blueberry Team headed after work to The Bird In Hand for an early Christmas staff dinner. The date was picked to celebrate Kirsty going on maternity leave and Halle leaving Blueberry after 7 years to pursue new venues. Even if it was still a bit premature to get into the Christmas spirit, the evening was rather merry, and surely the copious wine at hand must have had something to do with it. With great food, music, a drunken game of Cards Against Humanity and even a clumsy attempt at a drunken mannequin challenge, it was indeed another fun night out for the Blueberry team!


Halle is leaving after 7 years at Blueberry, to explore new adventures in the world of theatre, though she’ll be making guest appearances to cover holidays from time to time. Friday was her last working day and in order to lighten up the mood in the office, in the morning we greeted her with her desk appropriately decorated for the occasion and then in the evening we celebrated her with a yummy farewell cake and presents. We’ll miss you Halle, but we look forward to seeing you again soon!