Joshua (age 11) and his granddad.

Joshua (age 11) and his granddad.

In Conversation with…. Andrea Cuadrado on “My Life: Mr Alzheimers and Me”

At the end of 2014, Andrea edited a short film project called “My Life: Mr Alzheimers and Me” for CBBC.  Produced by Tigerlily Films, it follows the experiences of three young children as they try to understand Alzheimers disease and how it affects their families.

Andrea was kind enough to provide some insights on the challenges of this project.

Q. Tell us about the project.

A. ‘My Life: Mr Alzheimer’s and Me” is a short film project for CBBC. It follows the experiences of three young children in a world where their carers and Grandparents are suffering with Alzheimer’s, they are trying to understand the disease and how it affects those they love.

Q. How did you find editing for a younger audience?

A. Editing for a younger audience did throw up some challenges. Having to tell stories about something so complex and emotionally difficult without talking down to the kids was something both I and the director were very keen on.   Our feeling was to try and make it visually ‘magical’ or other worldly, so we incorporated animation into their worlds and within that we could talk about the most difficult and sensitive issues facing the children.

Q. Were there any challenges you faced? 

A. The main challenges were that of sensitivity and trying to explain scientifically to children what Alzheimer’s is and what it does to the brain. Again, we didn’t want to dumb things down and it had to be understandable for ages 6-12, which is a wide range, so this was a challenge.

Q. How do you think the stigma on Alzheimer’s differs from today then it did in the past? 

A. I do feel that there is much more information about the disease today, early diagnosis is the key I suppose, as it is often misdiagnosed leading to the misunderstanding of a persons behaviour.

Q. What advice would you give to somebody starting out in the industry that you wish you had? 

A. It’s a long and interesting road so never give up! You don’t know what’s around the corner.


Thank you to Andrea and Tigerlily Films.

Watch the film here