Molly's chimp c.1960s - performing as part of the Brooke bond roadshow, wearing a white Brooke Bond jumpsuit tipping PG Tips tea into tea pot. Tea pot has the letters 'PG' engraved onto the front.

In Conversation with…Kimaathi Spence on “The Secrets of the Tea Chimps”

Kimaathi has been part of Blueberry since it started in 2002.  For the last 9 months, he has been studying Art Therapy at The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education ( ) part time, only taking him out of the equation for Thursdays, however this has given him so much. He is loving it and this is what he had to say……


You’re currently studying Art Therapy, do you find it’s helping you with editing and if so, how? 

K: This course has definitely helped me to understand myself and others better and also the dynamics of human relationships. It has a lot to do with imagery and metaphors and how you see things. It helps to understand how people relate to one another and how to change dynamics to meet in the middle.

What was it about the ‘Tea Chimps’ edit with Angel Eye that got you all choked up? 

K: It was a beautiful story! It wasn’t sensationalist, horrific or tabloid-y but the complete opposite. It was a simple story with good values and lots of love.

Working for Angel Eye was one of the best jobs you’ve had in a while. Why? 

K: It was great to be working on this beautiful documentary – it’s the very reason why I wanted to start editing in the first place. Working with such creative talent was an invaluable experience and it felt very rewarding working as part of such a strong team. I felt really valued!

How have you found your experience of working with Blueberry? 

K:  I love working with the Blueberry team!  It feels like Blueberry is on my side and I always feel cared for. I feel you want me to be happy and that if I have a problem I can come to you and you will listen and help me.

Thank you to Kimaathi and Angel Eye.
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