International Women’s Day: Celebrating those who inspire us.

In honour of International Women’s Day, we celebrate some of the women that most inspire us. These include;

Dr Jan Frayne – Lecturer at Bristol Uni. “Published in Nature (an incredible feat) for her pioneering work on synthetically producing blood for transfusions. She is very lovely and amazing at her job.” Alice x

Mammie (Isabelle Wright) – “My mother in law was the most strong willed, stubborn and powerful woman! Widowed very young, she raised 4 children on her own. Her character and humour were immense, never backing down! I cherish her love and lessons.” Kim x

Martha Fiennes – “Embraces a spiritual approach in her art and her creative eye is educated but never patronising, always fresh. She’s wise, open, generous and humble – elevating other people.” Maureen x

Svetlana Stesova – “Mum is always positive and fearless – not afraid to go for it and encourages me to do the same.” x

Angelina Jolie – “I admire her work in film, particularly her directing, and I’m amazed at how she fits all of her humanitarian work in too!” Heather x

Sarah Turner – “The ‘Unmumsy Mum’ is searingly honest in her posts – providing reassurance, strength and a much needed laugh.” Carly x

Here’s to all of the women out there that demonstrate courage, tenacity and kindness.  We salute you!

#IWD2018 #pressforprogress