IWD 2016 – Amy Engles – motion graphic designer / director

Amy taught herself animation while living in Tokyo and has been working as a motion designer since 2004. Amy is inspired by a desire to communicate ideas visually and a technical curiosity.

Amy’s road to success – ups and downs

Starting out and learning AfterEffects from books was probably the biggest hurdle. Although it was incredible first discovering how to make things move on screen, there were also times when it could be frustrating. Something unexpected would happen and I wouldn’t know how to fix it. It was a really good process to go down though as aside from learning After Effects it was a good lesson in perseverance.  When it came to learning other software like Cinema, Premiere, FinalCut, it was much smoother because I already spoke the language.

Projects you are most proud of 

I really enjoyed this one for Boomerang. The idea was to show the evolution of classic children’s cartoons through the decades. It involved researching each eras interior styles, putting together mood boards for each decade then building each room in cinema and comping in aftereffects. It was a really nice diversity of skills and also a lot of creative freedom.

Also the video I made for Erland and the Carnival.  It involved a lot of late nights working on my own but the band really liked it and it felt like quite an achievement.

Achievements you are most proud of

Having my short film Nora shown at the BFI as part of the London Film festival was a very proud moment. Any time a short I had made was in a festival was exciting, and also quite nerve wracking seeing it outside of my monitor.

Biggest lessons in life and work

That’s quite a profound question that could have me waffling on for ages. Understanding and playing to my strengths and accepting my weaknesses probably.

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