‘High Expectations’

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‘Last Year’

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IWD 2016 – Liron Kroll – motion graphic designer / director / editor

Liron is a London based motion designer and visual artist. She studied Visual Communications at H.I.T, Israel and Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art. On graduating from the RCA Liron was awarded a residency as a digital artist at EPFL+ECAL Lab in Switzerland. She has worked on diverse projects that include motion graphics, animation as well as network branding and fashion photography productions. Liron is intelligent, articulate, calm and extremely passionate about her craft.

Lirons road to success – ups and downs

With every change in life you need to grow and adapt your career. Moving to England 7 years ago to study for my MA in the Royal College of Art, starting over in a new country presented a challenge. There were many difficulties and bridges to cross. Change is interesting and contributes to you development, I feel lucky to be working and creating in London.

Achievements you’re most proud of

I was invited to speak and show my work in a PechaKucha event in Tel-Aviv, in front of an audience of 4000 people (Watch)Last month I spoke in Nicer Tuesdays organized by It’s NiceThat (Watch)I had a Solo Exhibition of my Photography work in the summer of 2014 at Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery. I was very proud to show my work Last Year, an interactive installation as part of Gimmee More group show in Eyebeam Gallery, New York. Video from the show

Projects you’re most proud of and why

One of the projects I’m most proud of is a short animation film, which I created as an MA student at the Royal College of Art. The film is called High Expectations is aspires to highlight the gap between the idealized family photograph and the reality it represents. The film questions the role of family photography as the key way to form memories and examines the effect it can have on one’s perception of the future. ‘High Expectations’ was shown in festivals and exhibitions around the world and was shortlisted for the 2014 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and sold to a number of art collectors.

‘Last Year’ is an interactive augmented reality installation done as part of an artist residency at the EPFL+ECAL lab in Switzerland. Combining photography and animation with augmented reality technologies. The installation showcases a fabricated archive of objects, photographs, postcards letters and more, all kept as objects of memory. The viewer is invited to look at these objects through the medium of augmented reality and see how, they come to life and tell a story.

Biggest lessons in life and work

I find that every time I receive a new project that challenges me it could be stressful at first until I reach the design solution. Through out my career I’ve learned to enjoy the process by believing in myself and my capabilities and trust that I will manage to reach the goal of the project successfully.

Also it is always important to keep an open mind and listen to advice and ideas of your colleagues, you never know what you can learn and from whom.

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