IWD 2016 – Merethe Rosvold – Producer, Editor, Motion Graphic Designer

Merethe is a Promo Producer, Editor and Motion Graphics Designer of over 10 years professional experience.  Her original ideas and compelling skill package keep her in demand with clients such as Merchant Cantos, Rocket Science Group, Hogarth, Mighty Fine, Stonedog Productions and CNN.  Credits include Burberry in-store graphics and promos, Olympic Team GB and Children’s BAFTA’s promos, EA Games commercials, Criss Angel “Mind Freak” and doc “Yoshida Kenji: Artist of the Soul”.


What Does Success Mean to Me?

I guess success for me is a really simple premise. It’s making a living doing what I love, without having to struggle financially too much. Also maintaining a hunger to learn and almost a childish curiosity. What do I want to learn? What can I achieve?

My dream was never to be a millionaire, it was always to find a way to stay creative on a professional level. The amount of time a person spends working, in order to make a living, is crazy – so having the opportunity to actually “play” at work is wonderful.

The Ups and Downs of Freelancing

Well freelance life can certainly be tough. It really takes time to get to a point where you have the right combination of clients who keep you busy. I’m sure we’ve all experienced those days where we have 4-5 pencils and the week after, absolutely nothing. And the downs are always those times when your main incentive is paying your bills and maybe having to say no to great opportunities because quite frankly, you need that roof over your head.

But I love the freedom and variation that comes with freelancing. Those weeks when you’re at three different companies doing three completely different types of jobs. Getting thrown in the deep end, doing something that you haven’t done before, but taking that opportunity to learn. Having the opportunity to travel and experience all types of cultures and people… it just doesn’t get boring.

What Lessons Have I Learnt On The Way?

A career is a collection of incidents and random chances. The more open minded that you can be whilst on that journey, the more fun your career can become. Being surprised at where it can take you is the best reward. I want to be working within post production until my last days!

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