Carl Ward

Carl is a fast, efficient editor with a natural flair for storytelling and motion graphic design. His experience spans long form and online however when opportunities have arisen, he has excelled in other disciplines both in an offline and short form capacity as well as some grading work.

Carl is always searching for new challenges that will test or expand upon current skill sets. He is used to producing highly professional results to tight deadlines and Producers and colleagues have always appreciated his calm demeanor. He is self-motivated, equally efficient at working alone or part of a team with a brilliant eye for detail.

See Carl’s CV for full credit list.

Ryan Dempsey

Ryan is a talented 2D and 3D Motion Graphic Designer with extensive experience and a diverse portfolio of commercial, film and television clients.

His principal software experience includes After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Illustrator, whereas his 3D modelling and texturing work has given him the opportunity to explore other software such as Maya, Mari and ZBrush.

Creative, hard-working and reliable, Ryan is extremely adaptable to whatever is thrown at him. He has a confident approach to every task, a wealth of experience and a proven track record in delivering projects with fast turnaround and short deadlines.

Ryan’s motto is to not just meet his clients’ expectations but to exceed them. Coupled with his personable nature and positive attitude, he is also a pleasure to work with. His project portfolio includes clients like Dyson, Shell, and Sky Sports to name a few.

Matthew Lee

Matthew is an EMMY award winning Motion Graphics Designer and Animation Director. He has been working in the field of Motion Graphics for the last 10 years. Matthew has  many years professional industry experience including the role of head of Motion Graphics at BAFTA award winning studio Jellyfish Pictures.

Matthew is used to working in a hands on role focusing equally on design and animation aspects. He is confident working in multiple roles from intial ideas generation, liasing with the client, storyboarding, design, animation and direction.

Nick Edwards

With a highly collaborative and engaging approach, Nick brings first-class creative and communication skills to projects. Working in TV, commercials, film and digital formats, Nick has a proven ability to bring projects to life. Over the span of his career he has worked in the top flight of all the disciplines he’s engaged with.

He’s as comfortable guiding teams of contributors as he is collaborating with directors, clients and outside suppliers, his aim is always to strive for the best possible creative solution.

Of course, he works in the world of brand guidelines and strict broadcast spec’s (he once had a music video rejected by the BBC’s compliance dept. for “Gratuitous use of crushed blacks”) But apart from the occasional miss-step, he’s trod the fine line between pushing the boundaries and being hauled up short very successfully.

Key to Nick’s success is his ability to create bespoke visuals and content with a range of tools including, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and FCP.

The depth of his knowledge across the industry, including camera, live-action, animation, set design, and the seemingly inexhaustible complexity of VFX and compositing, means that Nick is always able to make an idea work, delivering on time and on target.

Neil Emmanuel

Neil Emmanuel has drawn his way into many roles as a motion graphic designer, storyboard artist, cartoonist / comic artist, children’s book artist, painter and photographer.

As the principle 2D motion graphics artist on the award-winning show “Time Team”, Britain’s greatest historical TV show, Neil was responsible for creating rich and informative content for over a decade.

Since going freelance in 2010 he worked for many channels; BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Nat Geo, History Channel, as well as production companies and films, using his artistic skills to create illustrated and animated motion graphics, storyboards and concept work. Neil spent a few years exploring the world of Event Scribing where he also mixed and learned from other talented artists and facilitators in a highly creative and dynamic environment.

Continually pushing his creative expression, Neil has  completed his first historical children’s book with West Midlands History called “Hunting for History: Saxon Gold,” which is available on Amazon and and a mask making course with the Florentine master Agostino Dessi. Neil also teaches Storyboarding at Media Training LTD.

Recent clients include: Costa Coffee, London School of Business, BBC, Pampers, O2, HSBC, Fanta and Adidas.

Peter Baran

Peter is a freelance motion graphics designer with additional experience editing and directing.  Previous to going freelance in 2010, Peter gained valuable experience with BBC Factual creating titles and content for Bang Goes the Theory, Horizon and Newsnight.

As a freelancer he works on brand films and commercials – though is not limited to these. Adaptable, multi-skilled and with a particular affinity for problem-solving, Peter possesses a talented creative eye and excellent technical knowledge in IT.  He is skilled in After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Peter speaks Spanish fluently which has led him to directing on location in Madrid with Vibrant Media.

Recent clients include S&P Global, BBC, Kream, Saatchi & Saatchi, Samsung, Deloitte, and The Partners.

Daryl Beaney

Daryl is a talented and motivated Motion Graphic Designer who has created work for a wide range of clients and has a wealth of industry experience. His work includes design for events, award shows, title sequences, corporate videos, commercials and much more.

Recent Clients include: BBC, Carphone Warehouse, Olay and EasyJet.

He is a fast paced and positive worker who doesn’t shy away from a challenge and is also a passionate, creative, hardworking and reliable illustrator who has a high attention to detail.

Billy Oldcorn

Billy is a London-based designer, specialising in animation and motion graphics; working with clients around the world to produce videos for advertising and social media, animated logos and internal business content such as training videos or company presentations.

Billy has always had a passionately creative mind, enjoys connecting his creativity with his knowledge of business and digital advertising to create original and captivating visual experiences. He has a particular niche for creating 2D explainer videos.

Understanding how hugely important digital design and production has become in the online world; Billy’s artistic creativity and skills makes him an ideal collaborator on projects.

Darren Agnew

Darren is a freelance motion graphic designer with experience creating channel brands, graphic packaging for episodic programs and producing quality daily graphics for live news, sport and current affairs.

A skilled creative leader and team player, he prides himself on being able to successfully navigate the challenges of any project he undertakes, to deliver valuable and memorable creative solutions.

Darren has also been a CGI director and VFX supervisor/animator, focusing in particular on the visualisation of abstract concepts. One of his most recent standout projects was creating the brand for UK African entertainment
channel YANGA!, broadcast on Sky.

James Barber

A storyteller and a highly analytical problem solver, James has an unusually full gamut of skills, from producing and directing, lighting and shooting, to editing, vfx, and colouring. Spending the last few years chiefly in post production has sharpened his storytelling talents and given him massive experience in a huge range of story formats for an extensive list of production companies, ad agencies and large corporates.

A big believer in quality over quantity, he completed a four year drama degree to learn how to work with actors and craft stories, while working as an assistant to fashion photographers and cinematographers, concurrently co-running a fledgling production company before travelling for a year in Japan and then moving back to the UK in 2008.

Proficient with Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCPX, FCP7, Da Vinci Resolve, Mocha, Celtx, Final Draft, Photoshop, James has a great deal of creativity and the practicality to take ideas and run with them.

Having used Premiere since 2003, and FCPX on over a hundred edits since 2012, he is one of the more experienced FCPX users in London and he is also very knowledgeable about green screen techniques, both acquisition and post-production, plus he is skilled with screen replacement and After Effects in general.

A born problem solver, James considers his flexibility and desire to learn new processes as one of his chief attributes. He is highly analytical, social and easy to work with. Recent Clients include R/GA, Whitecoat, Kinamo, Bright Talk, Salt TV, Quite Frankly Productions.

Jeremy Burdock

Jeremy has over 20 years experience in video production, delivering compelling and original content as a: Creative Director, Promo Producer, Editor and Motion Graphic Designer. He has taken a lead role in the development and delivery of programming for many leading brands within the games industry, broadcast and entertainment retail sectors.

A confident communicator with a genial manner who is able to bring empathy, imagination and enthusiasm to any given project. Jeremy takes a proactive approach to his work; seeking effective solutions through an application of experience, innovation and creative thinking.

Fast, consistent and resourceful, Jeremy is always striving for excellence in order to exceed clients’ expectations and satisfy his own high standards by delivering compelling and original content. His recent clients include Quite Frankly Productions, Merchant Cantos, World Television, Two Four Productions and Comedy Central.

Sam Duggan

Since going freelance in early 2017, Sam has built a reputation as a creative and reliable After Effects professional. This includes creating a wide range of content for companies like Media Zoo, Wag TV, Channel 5, Through The I and several others, all of which have come back for more. This work has included broadcast titles, public-facing explainers, ‘analysis’ graphics for Yesterday and Science Channel, storyboards, and many different flavours of branded video.

Prior to that he had a three year spell as in-house motion graphics artist at Popkorn TV, where he headed the graphics team doing broadcast, social media content and internal corporate videos for clients like E4, Dave, Channel 5, Pret a Manger, Majestic Wine, LG and more.

Sam is confident and experienced across most of the Adobe CC suite, including Illustrator, Premiere, Photoshop and of course After Effects.

Ben Emrich

Ben is an enthusiastic motion graphics designer based in central London.

After completing a degree in Motion Graphics at Ravensbourne, he then went on to be lead designer and animator at Quite Frankly Productions, often juggling many different projects at any one time and completing them to a high standard.  Ben was frequently involved at the pitch stage of projects, from storyboarding and meeting with clients, through to the final completion of the project.

Ben has strong skills in Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and Indesign. Strong modelling and animation skills in Cinema 4D, with an understanding of Octane and Vray.

John Carden

John’s work has been televised all over the world when he worked within the television and ad agency. Since leaving the corporate world he has helped many types of business owners especially Life Coaches propel into the spotlight with confidence using his knowledge of what it takes to stand out from a crowded market.
John uses Adobe and Cinema 4D.
Some of the recent clients include Ogilvy, Facebook/Instagram, Nordic Entertainment Group, A+E Networks, Momoco, Engage Digital Partners, Eve, IMG studios, XYZ Films, MasterCard and Nokia.

Stella Wan

Stella is an experienced all-round designer based in London. Her creative and technical abilities incorporate graphic design, illustration, moving images, and installations.

She enjoys creative collaborations with others from various backgrounds, whether in post-production or live events. Recently, she has worked on projects for Greenpeace at Glastonbury, Boomtown Fair, High Focus Records, and Partisan Records. She is also familiar with working with award-winning Luke Halls Studio in creating content for live events – clients such as Take That, The XX and various other music and theatre productions.

Clients include:
Take That (The Odyssey Tour 2019) , Joey Yung (Pretty Crazy Tour 2019),  The XX (Festival Tour 18) , XFactor (Baby Shark 2019), Magic Mike Live, Giudizio Universale, Shipwreck (Almeida Theatre),  Instagram, Greenpeace (Glastonbury), Luke Halls Studio,  Nina Dunn, Fluffer Pit Parties, The Russell Howard Hour, Farr Festival, Virgo Festival, Secret Garden Festival, Boomtown Fair, Darling&Edge,  Gingerline, Bearden Kitten, Partisan Records, High Focus Records, Secret Cinema, Saatchi & Saatchi, Qubit, Merchant Cantos, McCann London, Discovery House, Sainsburys, B&Q, Facebook and Grazia (Live), Evan Cycle, Melissa Galeria, Smith&Sinclair, Match&Fuse Festival, Grenson Shoes, Troxy London, Beanstalk, Prodigious,  The Corner, Waste Creative, Text 100, Sailor Jerry (UK), Panasonic, Post Office ArcelorMittal, Samsung, Vodafone, Lloyds Banking Group.

Lily Baker

Originally from Australia, Lily is a London-based Motion Graphics Animator and video editor with a background in advertising and consulting.

Highly skilled in After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator; she can create her own assets and characters. Lily has worked on a range of projects including promos, kinetic typography pieces, explainers, character animations and live footage editing.

Fast, diligent, resourceful and very good at providing creative solutions, Lily is flexible, takes feedback well and is brilliant at working alone or with a team to find the best way to realise a client’s brief.

Recent clients include Nomadic Films, Fort Studios, Social Superstore, Steak Digital.