Gary Mayes

Gary is a conceptual designer, artist and animator with extensive experience within creative moving image production.

Whatever the subject, he is excellent at identifying, meeting and exceeding the expectations of a diverse range of clients. He has a strong sense of the narrative and the heart of a subject, which leads to engaging the viewer at an emotional level.

His broad range of skills include drawing, illustrating, storyboarding, animation and motion design, together with an excellent understanding of the technical and creative aspects of the production workflow.

Gary is accomplished in After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator and the handling of complex projects. With an ability to stay calm and focused when delivering to tight deadlines, he is equally at home with conceiving and delivering projects alone or as part of a team.

He has a keen eye for the artistry and charm in animation, together with a sensibility for the special relationship between motion and sound.

Clients include Universal Music, Event Projection, Pottermore Publishing, BBC and Cambridge English.

Daniel Florêncio

Daniel is an award-winning filmmaker whose first short was long-listed for a BAFTA and whose recent feature debut ‘Chasing Robert Barker’ won an award at The National Film Awards for Best Drama. He also played a crucial role in the launch of Current TV in the UK as one of the main content producers.

His ability to craft beautifully told narratives and his sound understanding of what makes content powerful have turned him into a favourite among advertising agencies like Publicis, broadcasters like CNN, corporates like Merchant Cantos and online content producers like Across The Pond.

A native Portuguese speaker, Daniel is skilled in Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Media 100, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier, Combustion, Motion. Recent Clients include Vice UK LTD, Merchant Cantos, CNN, Across the Pond Productions, The Edge Picture Company, VCCP London, Passion Pictures.

James Lowne

James is a London-based Motion Designer with over 10 years of professional industry experience working in post-production, both full-time and freelance, specialising as a motion graphic artist.

He is proficient with After Effects, Cinema 4D and Photoshop, working in the fields of animation, compositing, motion design and editing.

James’ commercial outputs include TV titles, animated films, online content, music videos, artists’ films and live events graphics.

Greg Nixon

Having worked in the broadcast industry for over 10 years, Greg has built a breadth of knowledge and experience across a range of sectors, delivering creative visuals and insightful responses to briefs.

Greg began his post production career as an editor and has expanded his skillset to include visual effects. He feels most at home putting together films in Premiere or Avid, enhancing them with VFX from After Effects and C4D. In his spare time he also enjoys working on personal projects: most recently animating a monster to star alongside Dexter Fletcher in the short film ‘Little Monsters’.

Having worked in a variety of enviroments, he’s used to taking rushes through the entire Post Production process himself, including grade and sound mix to a broadcast standard. His credits include: BBCs Watchdog, Andrew Marr’s History of the World, Bang Goes the Theory and he once single-handedly cut over 200 individual idents for ITVs coverage of the FA Cup!

Greg has the demeanour and experience to cope with high pressure post-production enviroments. He’s friendly, hard working, and was once described as ‘calm, efficient and utterly unphased’ whilst working on Andrew Marr’s History of The World. In fact, Jeremy Kyle once offered to be his referee, but he has yet to take him up on the offer.

Enrico Lambiase

Enrico started his career in 2001 and has been involved in a variety of roles from Director, to Motion Designer, VFX Artist and Concept Artist for feature films, digital and broadcast.

His works have been featured in publications such as Shots, Televisual, IdN Magazine and Computer Arts.

Enrico works with After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Nuke, C4D including Arnold and Redshift renders and X-particles, has working knowledge of FCP, Premiere and Flame Autodesk. He able to work with his own equipment remotely or on site.

Aoife Hawe

Aoife is a multi-disciplinary creative who specializes in short form video content. A confident editor who also possesses a first class degree in VFX and animation, Aoife is always on the hunt for the next project or challenge that will put her ever-growing list of skills to the test.

Proficient with Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Maya and Nuke there isn’t a software package or skill Aoife isn’t happy to get hands on with. Previous clients include BBC Studios, Top Gear, Doctor Who, BBC Earth and Little Dot Studios amongst others.

Johny Mourgue

Johny started his career as a Graphic Designer working on record sleeves, shop fronts, and posters. This led him to develop a roster of clients in the music industry and expanded his love of print design into motion graphics to create tour visuals.

In 2004, he was signed to Flynn Productions, as a director and spent 10 years honing his skills as a director and combining motion graphics in his work. With this combination of skills and experience Johny is able to offer really dynamic visual solutions from concept to delivery.  He works with clients across a variety of sectors – synthesizing their needs and objectives, with innovative visual aesthetics, to create unique and engaging films.

Now Johny directs idents, promos and stings for well known brands.  He is proficient in Adobe’s full creative suite, In-design, Design Studio and Discreet Inferno. And his broad and capable skill set spans; storyboarding, writing, shooting, lighting, editing, compositing, 3D and 2D post and design.

Johny’s recent clients include: Whitecoat, Havas Worldwide, Cheil Europe, DesignBridge, The Telegraph Media Group, Kream, More creative, M-Integrated Solutions, W Communications, Budweiser, Channel 4 and Camel.

Jonny Halifax

Jonny is a talented Motion Graphics Designer and  Editor based in London. Extraordinarily versatile, Jonny has proven track records in Film, Documentary, Corporate, Commercials and Trailers.  With an extensive experience in music and art film production, from Live and Promo’s to Documentaries.

His skilled in Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Jonny is an owner of Greasy Noise Recordings.

Andrew Morgan

Andrew is a quick-thinking, client facing, animation and motion graphics specialist, who is experienced in concept & ideation as well as editing and key post-production techniques.

With a background in 2D character animation; he is a great storyboard artist and previs guy. In addition to this, his 15+ years experience in using Adobe After-Effects, Premiere and Cinema 4D as a motion graphics designer, gives him an overview on how to make a great project even greater.

Andrew has also worked within the largest advertising and P.R. environments and the smaller, boutique agencies. Not to mention specialising at some of the more prominent animation studios in London. He has directed engaging digital content for clients across a number of commercial, pharmaceutical and education sectors, as well as given art direction for web platforms and Internet campaigns right through to producing social media films; that includes 2D and CGI motion graphics and live immersive event/show visualisations.

Andrew thrives on the challenges of digital engagement, story building and strategic content creation across all new channels to maximise value and consumer response.

Federico Parodi

Federico is an animator and video maker based in London, he’s been working in the UK media industry for over 12 years.

He mostly focuses on motion graphics however he has very strong character 2D animation and storytelling skills also.

Federico’s portfolio also includes compositing and character animation for TV series, documentaries, videoclips and shorts. He’s really keen on exploring different techniques such as stop motion, rear-projection and cut out.

Federico also is a piano and keyboard player, so music and sound always play a major role in his work.

After Fx, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Compositing, Motion Graphics, 2D Character Animation, Rigging, VFX, Design, Photography, Retouching
Dragon Frame + Stop Motion Pro Stop Motion
Premiere + Final Cut Pro Video Editing
Mocha Tracking, Rig Removal, Retouching
Cinema 4D Basics of 3D

Rosa Lykiardopoulos

Rosa is a fantastically creative senior Motion Graphic Designer, Compositor, Animation Director and Photoshop Artist.  She has a unique style – charming, quirky and fun – and a strong instinct for storytelling.  Combined with an incredible eye for detail and excellent technical knowledge, Rosa is dependable and a joy to work with.

Her work has been featured in books, magazines, galleries and festivals.  Past clients include: Motorola, Pepsi, Sainsbury’s, Homebase, BT, Nicorette, Guinness, Airwaves, FCUK, EMAP, Granite Records and PIMP Magazine.

Proficient in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Poser – Rosa is also fluent in French, Spanish and speaks basic Italian.

Ferdinando Spagnolo

Originally from Italy, Ferdinando is a creative Motion Graphic Designer and 3D Artist. He has graduated in Industrial Design at La Sapienza University of Rome in 2016 and has worked freelance since then.

He works primarily on Cinema 4D, Octane Render and After Affects and he loves 3D projects (especially lighting and shading) because he thinks everything is cooler with a better texture. Besides being an Italian native speaker and of course proficient in English, he can also speak Spanish fluently.

Ferdinando has recently completed a 4 months internship at Golden Wolf and has worked on a freelance project with Saddington Baynes. Recent clients include Honda, Nike, Starbucks, IVECO and Philips Morris.

Jamie Rathbone

Jamie has a wealth of experience in both commercial and corporate environments, creating pieces for broadcast, cinema and the web, social media content as well as internal communications. He has had a varied career working as Videographer, Editor and Motion Graphic Designer. Past clients have included Unilever, Disney, CP&B, SJM Concerts, Universal Music, and Polydor Records to name but a few.

Comfortable turning his hand to a variety of roles at every step of the production process, Jamie’s broad skillset is an invaluable asset to an appreciative client base. This can involve pitching, ideation and storyboarding right through to animation, video editing and compositing. Jamie’s main source of work comes from 2D motion graphics pieces, though he is just as adept in still graphic design for print and digital.

Jamie prides himself at being able to work with people from any position, and can be left alone at the workstation or be trusted to provide valuable creative input as part of a wider team. Delivering high-quality work with a fast turnaround, Jamie’s best asset is his voracious work ethic.

John Dunn

John is a London-based Motion Designer with over 20 years of experience in design and direction. He is passionate about working on conceptual narratives and emotive driven work. He creates because he loves the process of delivering something that has been considered and that can resonate with an audience.

In addition to being a talented designer, John is the author and creator of Jas ‘n’ Nini, a children’s brand and picture book. The first instalment, Jas ’n’ Ni-ni trip to the museum, follows the exploits of 2 modern characters – sisters Jas and Ni-ni on a trip to the museum. A piece created for more representation in children’s picture books.