Liron Kroll – motion graphic designer / editor / director

At Blueberry we are very privileged to meet brilliant and talented people on a weekly basis. This week the spotlight is on motion graphic designer / editor / director, Liron Kroll.

Liron is a London based motion designer and visual artist. She studied Visual Communications at H.I.T, Israel and Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art. On graduating from the RCA she was awarded a residency as a digital artist at EPFL+ECAL Lab in Switzerland. Liron has worked on diverse projects that include motion graphics, animation as well as network branding and fashion photography productions.

She has worked with The BBC, Channel 4, Ron Arad Associates, Universal Music and many more. Liron has also exhibited and featured in publications such as Motionographer, IDn Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine, Adobe Design Achievement Awards, International Woman’s Film Festival and many more.

Liron is very intelligent, articulate and calm. She’s extremely passionate about her craft and is able to balance her creative ideas with logical thinking and problem solving to deliver a beautiful final product.

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