Live in space: Houston we have a problem, Channel 4

Editor Daniel Garcia Robles has been editing for Arrow TV on ‘Live in Space: Houston We Have A Problem’. The Channel 4 space documentary went on to keep the channel’s rating in orbit with 1.6m viewers!

The second programme in the Live from Space season gains access to NASA’s mission control centre in Texas to follow the work of the flight controllers, scientists, engineers and medics on the ground.  It also examines the challenges faced by astronauts when crises occur outside Earth’s atmosphere.

Mike Massimino has trained for five years to fix a crucial power supply unit and knows every one of the 117 screws that will need to be removed. But he discovers a problem nobody could have foreseen – a single securing screw has a stripped head and he can’t budge it, meaning he has no access to the faulty unit inside….

Editor: Daniel Garcia Robles
Production Company: Arrow TV
Broadcaster: Channel 4