Oren Yaniv / Editor / ‘The Money Pit’ (Dave)

Oren Yaniv has been editing on a new entertainment programme at Liberty Bell for UKTV’s Dave channel.

‘The Money Pit’ hosted by comedian Jason Manford “taps into the popular trend of crowd-funding” and sees forty total strangers risk their own money – up to £20,000 – in a quest to invest in the bright ideas and small businesses of hopeful entrepreneurs. In return for their investment, they’ll either get a share of the company or a special reward. Investors can change their minds right up to the end of each episode, when there will be frantic, last minute movements of money as the crowd flocks to one entrepreneur and abandons another.

Presenter Jason says “I’m inviting all those people with some spare cash…to join me in The Money Pit…it’s their chance to invest in real life entrepreneurs who could make them serious money”.


Editor – Oren Yaniv

Production Company – Liberty Bell

Broadcaster – UKTV’s Dave channel