Oscar Barany – Animator

Who is Oscar Barany?

Not too sure how to answer this question. I think I need to do more soul-searching. I’m a creator of weird, colourful and silly creatures. I’ve been working as a freelance animator for 2 years and I love my job. It’s an amazing feeling to be paid to be creative and have fun.

How did your career path develop?

I used to make cigar box guitars in my spare time, so before becoming an animator I wanted to make instruments for a living. From there I went on to do an art foundation and during that time I realised I’d always loved doodling and creating characters.

That naturally progressed into going to study animation at Leeds College of Art, where I started freelancing as an animator and VJ for a variety of clients. I moved back to London to continue as a freelance animator, whilst still trying to create my own work in my spare time. I still do a bit of woodwork when I can. I love creating short form animation whenever I can as it’s always a good excuse to try new techniques and designs.

What do you consider your greatest achievement/s so far?

My graduate short film “Thirsty” has been shown at multiple film festivals in the UK and internationally but more importantly for me, audiences were finding it funny which was amazing too see. Hopefully there are more screenings to come.

Any projects you are most proud of and why?

Probably my own personal project, Audionauts. It’s an audiovisual web app which combines music creation with colourful characters. This was the first interactive project I’d created. A big part of it was the audio and I worked with a really talented musician from Leeds College of Music called Oscar Abela, who created all the audio. People seemed to connect with this project really well, it was amazing to see people enjoying it and finding it a bit addictive.

Share your biggest lessons in work and life

The biggest lesson in life which also relates to work is to make sure you experience it. It’s very easy to just sit on the sofa on your day off but as a creative it’s really important to experience what’s going on around us, because that feeds into our work.

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