PASSION – Bad Acid by David Chaudoir

Filmmaker, Motion Graphic Designer and Creative Director David Chaudoir recently made a short film called Bad Acid – a wry, dark fantasy on the price of fame – which after a successful festival run is now available to watch on Amazon Video.

A love-letter to the British horror films of Amicus, Hammer and Tyburn, this darkly humorous horror tale follows a washed up TV hypnotist whose fame and fortune has run out. When he acquires a genie lamp with a chequered past and some LSD blotters within, he takes one but his visions of success are haunted by a malevolent presence.

David shared with us a little bit about how it all came together.

I wrote and directed my first short film in 2015, I did it because I had been writing scripts since 2010 and realized it was easier to direct my own material than find somebody else with the same mindset to do so. I had directed music videos adverts and TV promos but they were always at the service of somebody else.

The idea was born of my love of magic where I found a hypnotist who induced a hallucination in a subject and turned it from benign to evil and I wondered what that would look like if the hallucination was in fact real or just perhaps madness.

Bad Acid was partly crowd-funded but I went to several people privately and one of them said yes. I was doing a job for an agency and on the bottom of an email I saw that the person had produced a film so I got in contact. The producer made me wait a year before we had a meeting and I had to convince her that my horror film wasn’t trash.

Making a short film stretches you because you have to get it into festivals, get it seen and talked about but you are the person left with a product that frankly nobody else cares about. You become a one person PR department long after the film is made. The disappointments of not getting the film into festivals stings but with each rejection, the pain lessens.

Now that the film is on Amazon, I’m planning the next two films and I have written a couple of TV shows. Writing is a stretch – anybody who says it isn’t is either Wordsworth or lying.

David Chaudoir