Myth hunters, The History Channel

Keith Brookshaw is editing series 3 of ‘Myth Hunters’, with World Media Rights for the History Channel, US.   The executive producer is the two time Emmy award and BAFTA winner Matthew Barrett.

After the worldwide success of the first two series, a third thirteen-part series of ‘Myth Hunters’ is now on the way. It will feature more incredible true stories of those who searched for sacred mysteries and hidden treasures.

The new series will take a look at thirteen new mythical treasures and the people who are determined to uncover their secrets. It will include quests such as the search for the veil that mopped the brow of Christ, to the discovery of the fabled city of the Incas.

Featuring dramatic reconstructions, testimonies from expert witnesses, specially shot location material and, where relevant, archive footage of the actual events, these are fast-paced, gripping stories filmed in HD.

Editor: Keith Brookshaw
Production Company: WorldMedia Rights
Broadcaster: The History Channel