Headshot guidelines

We use your picture to highlight your work, and a great headshot can make all the difference when marketing your services. That’s why we have summarised a set of guidelines to help you put your best foot (and smile) forward—and feel confident doing so. So, grab your camera and let’s get started!

Things to keep in mind

  • Wear something simple and hold off from logos, large lettering and illustrations.
  • Eyes tell the whole story, so make sure they are as visible as possible.
  • Keep the focus on you, and avoid distracting backgrounds or including other people in your picture.
  • Shots that take advantage of sunlight work best.
  • Avoid showing props or unnecessary accessories (e.g. computers, handbags, or sunglasses).
  • Stand at enough distance to show at least your shoulders. But don’t go too wide: your face is always key.
  • Thinking of opting for a selfie? We’d prefer otherwise, but if you must, take the picture in such a way that the arm holding the camera is not visible.
  • We know tech now makes it easier than ever, but try not to blur the background, photoshop out wrinkles, heavily airbrush skin, or use overly dramatic studio lighting.

Technical Requirements

  • Black and white photos are still popular, but we prefer colour images.
  • JPG or PNG format
  • 1:1 or 4:5/5:4 ratios work best, but feel free to go a bit wider as long as you’re centred.
  • The image size should be at least 1200 pixels on the shorter side.

Good examples