This was one of a set of 3 commercials for VISA that played mostly in London Underground stations. The concept was that paying by cash (or any other method) was crazy and not as simple as paying with VISA. This was mostly a 2D job and Marc was responsible for distorting the original footage in interesting and creative ways.


A round up of Alex’s latest work. 2D and 3D design, modelling and animation.


Software: LightWave and AfterEffects. I modelled, textured and lit the boxing ring environment, as well as compositing all the 2D animation.


In the summer of 2012, Alistair was given the opportunity to work with Unit9.apps to help create Astroshark. He was asked to create a short trailer for the upcoming release of the game.

Falkner House – Title Sequence

The beginning of the documentary shows a pair of falcons as they emerge from the cityscape. Once the falcons have landed, a sketch of the entrance to the school is revealed before transitioning into the live action as the story commences.

Created using Cinema 4D and After Effects, I was asked to create the title sequence for the beginning and end of this documentary, showcasing Falkner House school.