Combining After Effects, Cinema 4D, Stop Motion and Experimental Pieces.


Concept and Design, 3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation and Rendering.

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Software: Illustrator / Photoshop / After Effects

A short film about different kinds of Lava.


I run a small studio called Battlecat, this is a montage of my work. This work was made with Illustrator, Photoshop, pen and paper, photographs, sometimes a camera, and After Effects.

After Death

Official Trailer for ‘After Death’, a British horror film.

Five young people wake up dead. Washed up by the tide they scramble to an abandoned beach house, soon realising that the perpetual night and blasts of pain suggest this is some version of hell. Between in-fighting and attacks by a demonic shadow creature, they recall the collapse of the nightclub that brought them here – and begin seeing hope of a second chance in the cabin’s two mysterious paintings…

Austin Film Festival 2015
Frightfest 2015
WINNER: Nocturna 2015 Best Picture ‘Dark Visions’
WINNER: Feratum 2015 Best International Fantasy Feature

Vanishing Trick 2015
ASFF 2015

Canis Belli 2015
ASFF 2015
Hamilton International Film Festival 2015
Minnesota Underground Film Festival 2015
DAM Short Film Festival 2015

‘Beirut’ Monocle – Bloomberg

Short feature on the state of construction in Beirut commissioned by Gillian Dobias at Monocle Magazine as part of their broadcast on Bloomberg.

Lux ‘A Lighter Brighter Experience’

Launch film and corporate promo for LUX* Resorts created with Steve Sidwell (The Voice) mastermind behind the Honda ‘choir’ ad. The sounds of a holiday resort were recreated vocally and a split screen film projected to fit precisely to the music.

Arena Flowers ‘Dubstep’ Viral

Part of a series of viral films created for Arena Flowers’ Valentine’s day marketing campaign. Many flowers were harmed in the making of it.

Paramount Hotels ‘Inspire’ Launch Film

A launch film for Paramount Hotels created to invoke a spirit of old school Hollywood glamour shot in Cape Town. The project was a hybrid stills/motion shoot pulling high quality stills for print materials from the images we created.