Instagram promo revealing the new packaging for Steinlager. This project was rendered in Arnold.


An internet commercial for Asics Metarun.

The aim of this project was explain their new technology’s durability and strength.

Murat was working alongside the director on previs, design and modelling on robotic arms


New product promo for one of New Zealand’s largest mobile phone networks.

Durham Lumiere Festival

This was a trailer Marc produced for the 2017 Lumiere Festival taking place in Durham.

The client wanted lots of energy and frantic yet natural motion in the light trails.

Lipton Slap

This was a global TV commercial (one of a set) that needed the bottles in every shot re-branded for every market.

Marc was responsible for the 3D tracking and compositing of the bottles and labels that varied in sizes and shapes.

Whitestone Media

A corporate video explaining new security measures using a 3D composited elephant to make the comparisons. Using inspiration from the phrase “the elephant in the room”, Jamie worked with Whitestone Media to create this photorealistic elephant and composite him into the scene of this light hearted but informative corporate piece.

Created using Cinema 4D & After Effects.

Moe’s Camping – Frooty Films

This project was for a commercial for Moe’s Southwest Grills restaurants in the US. This one was for the brand new Sriracha Nacho Stack. Directed by acclaimed Carl Warner at Frooty Films and shot by Simon Paul at Cross Street Studios. Jamie specifically worked on the CG for the drop of hot sauce as it fell onto the campfire causing an explosion.

Created using Cinema 4D & After Effects.


A round up of Alex’s latest work. 2D and 3D design, modelling and animation.