Rugby Union Sponsorship – Sky Sports

Capturing the full dynamic force and intensity of Rugby Union, this creative delivers the attributes of the rugby which aline with the brands values of Toyota.

The Open – Sky Sports

The Open, the true Golf text against adversity. Highlighting the iconic moments in Open history, intercut with ‘The Jug’ being constructed from the elements.


Assistant Creative Director, Animator

Official ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’ Music Video (Partisan Records)

Animation and associate director in collaboration with illustrator Russell Taysom & director Al Brown (Fluffer Records).


Creative Director, Illustrator, Animator, Motion Graphics Designer

Visual content created for the ’Soya Factory’ stage, depicting mass deforestation at the hand of the meat industry. The stage was built as a factory with the visuals being the internal machinery.

Limited Edition Rolling Stones

A full length commercial for the release of all 15 albums in limited edition remastered vinyls, they only made 1000 box sets. Mixed 3D with the Artwork from the albums and a total of 15 albums featured.

Mercedes F1

Digital Signage content for the screens at the F1 races around the world.

Content Media

My brief was to create a moving ident for Content Media based on the company’s current corporate identity.

T.rex Autopsy

A full 3D sequence of stylised autopsy tools for ‘T.rex Autopsy’ for National Geographic teaser spot.


Concept and Design, 3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation and Rendering.